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S t u d e n t   H a n d b o o k



The S.S.H.S. Creed


“I believe in Seymour Senior High School as an institution founded by the people of this community to produce good citizens by teaching them the principles of conduct and the fundamental knowledge of skills which will be essential for success in life.” 


Purple and White


“Education for Citizenship”


Seymour Senior High School offers seven courses of study:  College Preparatory, General, Clerical, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Vocational Agriculture, and Secretarial.  Pupils should select the curriculum that is adapted to his interests and needs.  He should pursue the courses outlined in the curriculum of his choice.  If a pupil has made a mistake in his choice of a course of study, he may select another one more adapted to his needs.

     All students must earn 18 units for graduation.  Included must be three units of English, one of U.S. History, one of science, one of government, one of mathematics and one-half units of both health and physical education.



All eligible students of Seymour High School are given the opportunity to take an active part in our girls’ and boys’ athletic programs to further the development of their physical skills and abilities.

The girls’ athletic program centers around a diversified intraschool program through the efforts of our Girls Athletic Association.

The boys’ athletic program consists of eight seasonal sports offered throughout the school.  Football, Cross Country, Tennis, and Golf make up the fall program, followed by Basketball and Wrestling during the winter season.  In the spring season the high school athletic teams are Track, Baseball, and again Tennis and Golf. 


An excellent plate lunch is served with a complete change of menu each day for only 35 cents. The price of the lunch is low as the cafeteria operates without profit.  Students may bring their lunches from home if they desire.  In that case they are to go to the cafeteria to eat their lunch.



The library is for the pupils:  therefore, to make it a place of which the school can be proud, co-operation in maintaining silence and order is necessary.  At the end of each period, quietly push chairs up to the tables, return reference books to their proper places, and replace magazines on the magazine shelves.  Keep the books on the shelves pushed up evenly and in proper order.

A fine of two cents a day is charged on all books not returned when due.



A general school insurance policy is being made available to all students who wish to take advantage of it.  The cost is $2.25 for students in grades 10 through 12.  All envelopes properly marked should be returned to the first period teacher as soon as possible.


Students will be assigned seats alphabetically by classes in the auditorium.  Most convocation programs will be scheduled during the morning; however special programs will be scheduled at various times throughout the day.  All students are required to be at convocations



There will be a student fee of $1.50 to cover convocation expenses, to provide a flower fund, and yearly subscription to the school newspaper, the OWL.



Regular and prompt attendance is one of the most important regulations for steady progress in school.  Many failures are due to unnecessary absence and, consequently, many withdrawals are due to unnecessary failures.

It should be clearly noted that all students are required by law to attend school until sixteen years of age.  The legal or acceptable absences are those that represent urgent reasons:  such as sickness, impassable roads, quarantine, death in the family, or weather so inclement as to endanger the health of the pupil.



All faculty and student parking will be in the parking lot immediately north of the agriculture shop.  If this lot does not hold all the cars, the athletic parking lot north of the auditorium may be used.  Students are not to park on Community Drive, on West Second Street, or on the bus drive.



There is to be no hazing of underclassmen by upperclassmen.  This is strictly forbidden and will not be permitted in any form however harmless.  Please report immediately any evidence or incident which might lead you to believe that such is going on. 



Resolutions adopted by the student council and school administration during the 1959-1960 school year and now in effect are: 

1.     The emblem presented to the school by the Class of 1958 and the Class of 1959 shall be respected and not tread upon.

2.     No girls may be elected queen of more than one event in any one school year with the exception of Junior Prom Queen.

3.     No student shall hold the same class office for two consecutive years, but may hold a different office during each of the other two years or the same office in the sophomore and senior years.

4.     The student council offers assistance to all groups and organizations in holding elections and contests involving high school students.



Dress and grooming of our student body in the past has been very complimentary.  We hope it continues to be in the future.  The following few comments should be helpful in this regard.

Student dress should always be clean and appropriate.  Boys are to keep shirts buttoned except that the collar need not be buttoned.  Heel plates are not to be worn to school.  Cigarettes are not to be carried in shirt pockets or any other conspicuous place.



Students are asked to refrain from chewing gum while in the building.  Candy eating is limited to the cafeteria and the student center during noon hour.

Tourney Procedure 

There will be no placards or posters in the gymnasium during any tourney games.  This includes any hand signs that might have been used in the past.  Also, students are requested to remain seated at all times during the games. Stay seated. Please!



Seymour Community Schools


August 30

Enrollment and Organization Day

September 2

Labor Day Holiday

September 3

Classes Begin

October 11

First Grading Period Ends

October 24-25

Indiana State Teachers Assoc. Convention

November 11

Veterans Day

November 22

Second Grading Period Ends

November 28-29

Thanksgiving Vacation

December 20

Christmas Vacation Begins at End of School Day

January 6

Classes Reconvene

January 17

Third Grading Period Ends

February 28

Fourth Grading Period Ends

March 25

Easter Vacation Begins

April 1

Classes Reconvene

April 17

Fifth Grading Period Ends

May 24


May 28

Sixth Grading Period Ends

May 28





9:35 a.m.


Period I



10:40 a.m.


Period II



11:45 a.m.


Period III



1:30 p.m.


Lunch/Period IV



2:25 p.m.


Period V



3:30 p.m.


Period VI



Thanks to Sharon Kovener for taking time to reproduce the document that controlled much of our lives from August 30, 1963 to May 28, 1964.

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