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When we were in junior high school the news was the news and we accepted it without interpretation.  However, as our panel of experts reviewed what the teachers at Shields Junior High had to say about our class it seemed further analysis was in order. 


Several of the teachers who have taught the freshmen this year were asked to give their opinion of the class and here we have recorded the various opinions.

MISS FOSBRINK: "I have enjoyed teaching the class. They are very good and no problems at all."

TRANSLATION:  “In all my 187 years of teaching, I’ve never seen so many ne’er-do-wells! But I like that nice Kranning boy who rakes my leaves.” 

MR. HOUGHLAND: "I wish the freshman class all the luck, but I encourage them to work a little harder."

TRANSLATION:  “This lazy bunch is going to need all the luck they can get!!!”

MRS. WITTERS : "I have enjoyed it very much. They were very responsive and volunteered answers and the like."

TRANSLATION:  I thought they would never shut up!!  That Sprunger girl really has a mouth on her!!  Wow!!

MR. BOLEY: "On the whole, a good average class. Many will contribute to society.

TRANSLATION:  “Another class like this, and society as we know it is doomed.”

MR.DEPUTY: "An average class. They show good discipline."

TRANSLATION:  “No initiative, no creativity, no real ability, but at least they understand their shortcomings.”

MR. HILL: "I enjoyed them more the first day than the last."

TRANSLATION:  This has been the longest year of my life.”

MRS. DANNETTELLE: "I have enjoyed teaching this year more than I have for several years, thanks to my very good freshmen students."

TRANSLATION:  “Maybe if I flatter them, they’ll go away and leave me alone!!”

MR. SINN: "Our ninth grade pupils are anxious to move on to grade ten in the fine new building provided for them. As they advance into their school programs, many new and challenging areas will confront them. More will be required of them academically and socially, and responsibilities will be multi-plied as they respond to the demands of mature living,. They will discover their many abilities which thus far have gone unnoticed and unused, They will also realize that perhaps the greatest happiness they have ever achieved is to be found in the realization of a task well done,

Yes, it is indeed a fine group of ninth grade pupils who will find that the future has untold possibilities waiting for the individual who will prepare himself and be ready when the opportunity presents itself."

TRANSLATION:  Most of these immature clowns have already reached their peak.  They’ll probably trash the new high school building, too.  Let’s just push them along, and get them out of our hair as soon as possible.” 

MR. BARNES: "I am sure that with much hard work and perseverance the ninth grade class of 1961 can, through the year, maintain a lead of one full year over the eighth grade class of 1961. Seriously, the ninth grade class has shown what they are capable of and I am sure they will do even better in the future. Good luck and happy new year."

TRANSLATION:  “These duds haven’t shown us anything so far.  There’s no way but up for these folks.  I wonder what they’ll be like in 40 years?”




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