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Dennis Kellermeier

Greetings from Grand Rapids, Michigan This is Dennis Kellermeier and it was really great to get a message with e-mail addresses from so many classmates. Here's a quick update. I live in East Grand Rapids with my wife, Barb, and our son, Greg. While many of you may be enjoying grandchildren or being empty-nesters, Barb and I are parents of a very active 14-year old. We are in the midst of freshman year in high school with football, basketball, lacrosse, and sailing. We haven't done the dating thing, yet. We're active in our church and Greg is now in catechism class. This probably sounds like ancient history to all of you. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1970 with a degree in design right after the Kent State riots. Our classes were actually canceled after that for the remainder of the year and we went through graduation ceremonies with machine guns stationed at the top of the football stadium. (How's that for a trip through memory lane?) Then I moved to Chicago to work for a large architectural firm and was later recruited to work for an office furniture manufacturer in Michigan. I moved to Michigan in 1972, so this now feels like home and Seymour feels like the South whenever we visit my mother, who is 86 and going strong. Barb & I both own our own businesses: she's a human resource consultant and I am a consultant specializing in marketing, design, and environmental issues. It's a mixed bag, but it works and, in a way, it all relates to design. We go to Florida once or twice a year to visit Barb's parents, who live there in the winter. We spend a lot of time in Northern Michigan ("Up North" to Michiganders) where we own a condominium at a resort on Lake Michigan. I'm excited to have e-mail addresses from all of you. I became a fan of e-mail several years ago when my cousin, Mary Wehmiller (she graduated a year after us), was living in Hawaii. We reconnected after many years. She's now living in Hong Kong with her husband and e-mail is about the only way we can keep in touch on a regular basis. I would love to here from all of you when you get a chance. I don't know if we'll make the reunion - it will be the middle of football season - so e-mails will be great.

Bill Foster

Here's a little of where I have been in the past 40 years - that sounds like forever ago: After graduation from IU in 1968, I married Susan Conkling of Winchester, IN, and was commissioned in the Air Force. We were sent to Hawaii for our first assignment (I asked for Northeastern US), and from there went to New Jersey, Alabama, Dayton, Alabama, California, Washington DC (Pentagon), Alabama, Belguim (Europe), and Oklahoma. Along the way, we had two great kids who are now married and provided three grandchildren. My son, Robert and his wife Kim live in Dayton and have two children (William III & Brandon). My daughter, Julie and son-in-law Brian live in Kansas City and have the most beautiful child (of course) Lauren Elizabeth. My daughter works for Kraft Foods, and my daughter-in-law is an AF doctor at Wright-Patterson. My boys are both "stay at home dads" by choice. My son was a Captain in the AF and got out to stay at home, and my son-in-law, worked for a lighting manufacturing company and elected to quit and stay at home. The role reversal is a real trip to watch. Susie and I live here in Edmond, Oklahoma where we moved after our military tour in Belgium. I was assigned here at Tinker AFB from 1992 to 1996 as the AF System Program Director for the KC-135 Tanker Fleet. After I retired, I joined Science Applications International Corporation (, and am now the Division Manager for operations here, San Antonio and one office in Dayton. I hope to retire again in another year or two - two more would give me 10 years with SAIC. Susie is in all kinds of volunteer programs and travels a lot to help with grandchildren when she gets the call. I still play music here in our Lutheran church (Mom still can't understand how they let guitars in a Lutheran church), and every couple of years we get my old fraternity band back together for a noise making session in Indianapolis. Oklahoma is a great place to live, although not as pretty as some of the places we have lived. People here are very friendly and the cost of living is very reasonable - tornado's make it more interesting (lost my office in 1999 to the big one). My mother is 86 also, and living in Shields House in Seymour, so we come home as often as possible to visit mom and my relatives. We are planning to come home for the 40th Reunion and hope to see as many of you as can make the trip. Bill




Bill Pfaffenberger

After high school I attended Purdue University's Indianapolis Campus where I earned both an Associate Degree in Applied Science and my Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Technology.  During my college years I became active in the College Republicans and was elected State Chairman my senior year.

The year 1968 was eventful due to my marriage to Jane Taylor of Indianapolis, my being hired as an engineer by Public Service Indiana (PSI) and my graduation from Purdue.

I spent my entire career with PSI and subsequently its parent company Cinergy.  During my run of 33.5 years I had many interesting fulfilling jobs.  The first seven years were in engineering organizations and then I moved into field management.  From field management I moved into marketing where I had the responsibility for PSI's wholesale power agreements as well as agreements with governmental entities.  In 1985, I moved into non-utility operations where I managed new business development activities as well as two of PSI's subsidiary companies.  In 1996, I began work on a team to wring out the economies from the merger of PSI and The Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company.  After two years I moved back into a newly organized business development group based in Plainfield, Indiana.  I had spent the last two years before my retirement on January 1, 2002, working on a joint venture project having to do with utility automation.

Jane and I are the parents of three daughters and a son and the grandparents of a 3-year old girl and 9-month old boy.  We have lived in our home in Avon, Indiana for the past 27 years.  I am active in the Avon United Methodist Church where I prepare the Sunday morning coffee and donuts, am the resident computer/network/Internet/website guru and chair the building committee.  My hobbies include home remodeling, playing music, computer-related activities and amateur radio.

Hope Roberts West

I have lived in Michigan since 1969 when I took a teaching job here. I married in 1971 and continued to teach high school English until 1978. I became a full time mom to stay home with the kids. My son is now 28 and my daughter is 24. I consider myself retired now. I keep busy doing activities that I enjoy which include traveling, attending theatre productions, going to the symphony and art museums, and participating in club activities. My husband and I have been married for 33 years. We have lived for the past 25 years in Bloomfield Hills, a northern suburb of Detroit. My husband is an automotive engineer. We are looking forward to his retirement so that we can travel more. My mother is still alive and lives in Seymour so I visit frequently. I have been in Michigan so long that my family in Seymour thinks that I "talk funny" with my northern accent. I have fond memories of my high school years and I look forward to the reunion in October.

Floyd Stuckwisch

Floyd and I are living in Florence, Arizona. We moved out here in late 2000 because Cathy had had a horseback riding accident in which she broke both sides (top and bottom) of her pelvis. Bones healing and aging just do no good in the cold climate of Indiana. Why did we pick Arizona? The weather is drier and warmer plus we have a daughter living out here and a granddaughter also. We both currently work for the State of Arizona - Department of Corrections. The prison is called Eyman Prison and currently houses 6,000 prisoners. This town also has 5 more prisons and has a total of 20,000+ inmates here.

Floyd is in maintenance and Cathy is in the Business Office-banking. Floyd turned over the Stuckwisch Appliance business in Brownstown to our youngest son, Marty.

Another little addition to Floyd and Cathy's family is that we have 3 children. Tony, our oldest, lives in Brownstown, has 3 daughters (Alyssa, Mallory, and Ellen) and also works at Schwarz Pharmacy in Seymour. He graduated from Purdue in Pharmacy. Our daughter, Kristi, lives out here in Arizona. She has a 6 year old daughter who comes to visit us every other weekend. Our youngest, Marty, as we mentioned earlier, is getting married this June and now owns the Stuckwisch Appliance store in Brownstown, selling and repairing major GE, Maytag, and other appliances.

Gail Stahl Wilson

After graduating from IU in occupational therapy and working several years in Indy to support my dental student husband, we moved to San Antonio to fulfill his Air Force obligation. We spent two years there and then went to Turkey for 2 1/2 years before settling in S.A. - Marriage ended, but not before providing me with two wonderful sons, now 29 and 33, both married to teachers. The youngest, Geoff, a restaurant general manager, has Matthew 3 and Macy 5 so I'm a "nana" and love it, the oldest, Greg, a horticulturist and educational director at a botanical garden, has cats!

Enter husband two - Feather, a geologist - (We'll have our 25th anniversary in March) and moves to Dallas and Houston with the oil 'bidness' and my years of doing the mom thing. His two sons are both petroleum geologists as well, and his daughter (who lived with us from 14 on) is an attorney with the DA's office in Houston and expecting her first child in April - will give us a total of 7 grandchildren (and 6 grandcats!) The kids were all around and about TX and LA in college or working for quite a few years, but finally all settled in Houston. By the way, in Texas it's a UT and A&M rivalry!

Seven years ago we moved to the Texas hill country about 65 miles NW of San Antonio. We live in a bump in the road called Tarpley but we are actually on the map as we have a post office and zip code - it's in the living room of a small house but it's there! We bought the property right after we married just to have a place to go on weekends. We always hoped that we could make it home, and Feather's retirement and technology allowed us to do so. It's in a beautiful valley and while we only have 10 acres, they are along a quarter mile of year round creek...or crick...! Bandera, the nearest town, claims the title of 'cowboy capital' - we have about 3 rodeo's per weekend in the summer and it's not unusual to see horses tied up outside restaurants.

Feather does hydrogeology consulting in Bandera and neighboring counties as well as some teaching internationally, and has recently gotten his RE brokers license. About 15 years ago, I got my masters in library & information science and in a circuitous route ended up at Deloitte, a consulting & accounting firm doing general business research. I did the same out here for 4 more years and then three years ago, the firm started their Business Development Centers and I now do company and industry research and analysis. Lots of fun and, thanks to technology, I've gotten to do it all from my home. No more commuting in the insane Houston traffic - plus I can work in jeans and barefoot - it doesn't get much better! I always hated wearing shoes which as you can imagine didn't go over well with my dad and advertising for Stahl Shoes!

For those of you who knew my mother Amy, she moved to Texas, and in with us, when we moved to Tarpley. Wasn't sure how it would work out as we pretty much only saw each other 3-4 times a year for about 30+ years but it's great and we have a lot of fun.

I have enjoyed 'chatting' with a number of you since Cullen started the emails and look forward to more exchanges and reading more 'bios'. It's really interesting to see where everyone ended up - and to find that the green bean casserole is EVERYWHERE! This web site is truly exciting and I'm so grateful that Bill not only thought of it but did such a wonderful job.

Until October,

Gail Stahl Wilson

Carol Powell Wilson

I was at Ball State the year the Teachers' College became a University, but did not stay to get a degree. My first full-time job after leaving college was at Kocolene Oil Company headquartered in a wonderful old farmhouse out on East 50. The last time I was in Seymour, the green & white house was still there. My two sons were born in England where their Dad was stationed with the Air Force. They were raised in Anderson, Indiana, but still consider Columbus and Seymour "home". Richard lives in Columbus, next door to his grandpa, and works for Arvins. John Alan is a painting contractor in Louisville. I worked in Pendleton, Castleton and Fishers in banking and land development, always in accounting, investing some time in evening economics and business law classes. When George and I married in 1979, I gained two daughters and in the years since our blended family has expanded to a dozen grandchildren and two great-granddaughters. They form a swath from Indianapolis to Orlando! We are blessed far beyond what we ever dreamed.

George retired from General Motors in Anderson in 1987 and we moved to Idaho to build our house the next year. We had owned our little piece of property for several years and knew this is where we wanted to be. My Mom joined us from Alabama in 1998. A very brave move full of culture shock! She is a beautiful 81 years old, has a nice little apartment in town and delivers Meals on Wheels with me at least once a week. Since retiring, George has started a woodworking business and we both have kept our hand in as opportunities have come up. I have stories about working fire camps!

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
May the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand . . .

Carol Powell Wilson

Earl Wonning

Earl Wonning (  is living happily ever after in Denver, CO after a stint in the USAF, 5 years in the Motor home business and the balance of the last 40 years becoming a real estate tycoon. Life is Good!

Donald L. Weddle

It sure doesn't seem like it has been 40 years since we all walked across the stage in the old boys gym. I went into the Air Force in July after graduation and was discharged in May of 1969. I then was fortunate to obtain a job at Cummins two weeks after getting home. The fall of 69 I met who became my wife, Pam Ritz, of 34 years. We have three children, Doug who passed away in July 2003, a daughter Kim who graduated from IU and is teaching in CA, a daughter Audrey who is married, lives in southern IN and has a five year old step son. Our only grandchild. In 1978 I was accepted into the apprenticeship program at Cummins. Four years later I graduated to a Industrial Journeyman Electrician. I worked in this capacity until my retirement on Feb. 1, 2002. I haven't regretted it yet and I am enjoying retirement to the fullest. We travel and I took up golf in 98 and weather or chores permitting I try to play 3 to 4 times a week. As long as nothing unforseen happens, we plan on atte! nding the reunion.

I would like to extend my thanks to Jon, Laura, Kathy, and Bill for all the work they have done in putting this site and all the information together. I hope this finds everyone doing well. May God bless and keep you and all that you hold dear.

Susan Kespohl Paratore

A big HI from Susan Kespohl Paratore. And thanks to Max Bell for finding me before I knew I was lost. Going to this Class of 64 website has been such a trip. I was inspired to get out my old Patriot yearbook and reminisce. You former Dudleytown Lutherans like Brenda Krumme and David Klosterman may remember my dad, Herman Kespohl, was pastor there in the '50s and early '60s. He died some time ago in Fort Wayne and my mom is living in the Lutheran Home there so I get to Fort Wayne often but haven't seen Seymour or Dudleytown since '64. As for what I have been doing since '64, here goes if you're interested. (BTW, I wish more of you would submit bios, please.) In 1968 a B.A. from Ball State (major Spanish). In 1970 an M.A. from Indiana University. In '70 also married an I.U. grad student from Peru, South America. We got our degrees and moved to Lima, Peru. There I taught English (funny how they didn't need teacher of Spanish) and he worked for Dow Chemical. Because ! of Dow, we moved several times: from Lima to Miami to Ecuador, again to Miami and then back to Lima. In 1990 the Shining Path communist guerrillas became too annoying so we moved to the States (to Wellington FL) where Paco got a job with Allied Signal, now Honeywell, and I started work at Palm Beach Community College, finally teaching Spanish. Oh...along the way we had two children who are an interesting mix of German-American me and Italian-Peruvian him. Now I also have a granddaughter whose dad is Cuban-American. Anyway, a big hello to all you who may remember me...AND an apology also to anybody who remembers me as being strange, unfriendly or conceited. I wasn't really any of those (OK, maybe strange) was actually clinical shyness. Time has taken away a lot of the shyness, leaving fat and wrinkles in its place, but I'm happy with the exchange. Love and peace to all.

Jon Cullen Stahl

After graduation I went to Indiana State and graduated in 1968 with a degree in Industrial Education. Laura Henley and I married in June of 1967. She was an elementary education major at Indiana State. In the spring of 1968 Mr. Bulliet hired me to come back to Seymour to teach electronics and Laura was hired in 1969 to teach first grade. We both completed our Masters program by 1973 and I continued to teach for 13 years or until the spring of 1981.

In 1972 we had a son and named him Jason. He was very active in athletics and graduated from Butler University where he was starting quarterback for three years. He taught for two years in Indy but went into business. He also plays drums in several bands in the Indy area including the Henry Lee Summer Band. He is a bachelor.

While teaching, two other Industrial Ed teachers and myself built homes except for two of those summers when I was Youth Conservation Corp Director at Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge just east of Seymour. In 1981 I gave up teaching to start a building business and have been a general contractor since. We have built many residential and some commercial projects.

Laura has continued to be in the first grade for 34 years but is retiring at the end of the 2004 school year. I gave up having employees on April 1st of 2004 and I am now doing consulting for my former crew who went into business for themselves. I also continue to design, draw ( on computer now) and consult on other projects. There are certain projects that I continue to work towards such as construction management of select projects, rental properties and speculative homes. Laura and I are also partners on two businesses in Cincinnati.

Laura likes to cook, bake, work puzzles, read, do crafts, fish for bluegill, tend to her humming bird feeders and flowers. In summer, we often have 40 or more humming birds here to enjoy. I love to hunt, fish and manage the property for wildlife. We both like to travel, backpack and camp. And, Laura and I both like to fly ultra light aircraft.

My mother is still alive and living at the old home place near Gaiser Park but my dad died in April of 2001 at age 83. He had a good, long, healthy life. Laura's mom died at age 49 in 1968 of cancer. Her mother's early death had a great bearing on the goals we set in life. Her father died at age 74.

Everything considered, the reunion of 2004 will go down as one of the highlights of our lives.

Carol Dollens

After graduation I went to William Woods College (now University) in Fulton, Missouri. After graduation I returned to Indiana to teach and along the way earned my masters from Indiana University. In 1973 I was appointed Director of the Indiana Youth Council by Governor Bowen and at the end of his term received a Sagamore of the Wabash. During the Orr administration I was the Director of Non-Merit Personnel and received my second Sagamore from Bob Orr. With the change in Governor I changed jobs and became Payroll Manager for the State working for Auditor Ann Devore.

Ten years ago I moved to Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield where I served on the technical team for payroll conversions. I was with Anthem for four years and we did three payroll conversions. If that wasn't enough I became a payroll consultant and spent 18 month on Long Island as the project manager for a Y2K conversion for Dime Savings Bank and six months in Dallas working on a payroll conversion for Trinity Industries. After all the weekly travel I decided to stay in Indiana for a while and went to work as HR and Payroll Manager for a mortgage brokerage company. That was a great experience until they built a new building and experienced some financial problems and decided to consolidate my job under the Director of Finance and to eliminate their telemarketing division.

Following that I decided to take my time and look for something that would be both fun and challenging. I think I have found what I want. On April 12 I took over the duties of Payroll Manager for the University of Central Florida in Orlando. In a month I signed my contract, bought a condo, packed up everything and moved. I'm now settled and ready for my next adventure. It doesn't look like I will be able to get back for the reunion since our target date to go live with the upgrade to the PeopleSoft payroll system is October 7. I wish all of you the best and hope you have a great time.I have certainly enjoyed the website and learning what everyone has been doing for the past 40 years (has it really been that long). If any of you make it to Orlando give me a call and maybe we can get together and reminisce.

Jan Brewer Gerth

After high school, I married Gary Marsh (Seymour Class of ’63) and we had one child, Matthew. Gary was killed in an automobile accident when Matt was 2, and I later married Bill Gerth, also from Seymour. Bill and I had one daughter, Amy.

We moved to and lived in the Joliet, Illinois area for about 20 years where Bill worked for Mobil Oil, which included a 6 year stint in Saudi Arabia. Bill took early retirement in 1986 and we moved to Florida to be near my mother. Bill passed away 10 years ago, and I now live in West Palm Beach with my sister, Dana, and my mother. Mom is 79 doing very well. She is a lot slower at most things and very hard of hearing. My sister, Teresa, and my brother, Jon, still live in the Seymour area.

Both of my children live in this area, as well as 4 of Dana’s 5 children. Between my children, her children and all our grandchildren and great grand children, we have a full house all the time.

After being a Certified Legal Assistant for many years, I am now an office manager for a local Title Insurance Company. Much as I love my work, I can’t wait for retirement, or winning the lottery, whichever comes first (my bet is on retirement as they never seem to sell me the winning Lotto ticket).

Dana, Mother and I plan to be in Seymour for the reunion in October and are looking forward to it very much. By a stroke of misfortune, my mother seems to have “misplaced” anything that remotely resembled a year book from Seymour Senior High School or any other artifact anyone might have left in her care. If anyone knows how a year book can be obtained, please get in touch with me. It has been very difficult to put some of the names with faces from the past without this resource.

I have really enjoyed the Class of ’64 web site and all the e-mails. I recently heard from Diane Krumme Hudson, who lives in not far away in Okeechobee, Florida, and from Joyce Mullikin Nieman. Hopefully Diane and I can get together soon and get some pictures for the web site.

Bob Miller

After graduation I worked at Arvin's and then was drafted ( along with a bunch of you guys in Aug. 1965 ) servied in Viet Nam 1966-67 . Returned to Seymour worked at Arvin's and Amaco Plastics , married 1st time to Sue Johnson had one son Troy Miller born 1969 , divorced and married my wife ( DaWinda Warner ) now of 35 years she was from Brownstown . I owned and operated the Gulf Service Station at Uniontown off I-65 and was a Lineman at Arvin's and was a Swing Shift Foreman at Weyerhauser Inc. in Columbus . Returned to the US Army in 1971 and retired in 1990 . DaWinda and I have one daugther Angela she is a military brat we lived for 13 1/2 years in Germany and traveled all over Europe . We have 2 grandaugthers Destinee & Ashley they live in Panama City , Flordia . After leaveing the Army we lived in Brownstown a few years I got a job in Seymour at the steel mill Kobelco Metal Powders as a fork truck operator in the shipp! ing department and have been there now for 14 years . My cousin and I bought 26 acres in Jennings County near Paris Crossing . There is now 4 homes here and I just built my wife a Kennel that opened in December ( Milknots ToyBox Kennel ) we breed Yorkshire Terriers and Toy Poodles , my wife grooms and boards small and medium size dogs this is our retirement jobs . I have 2 years of college with the University of Maryland and Austin Peay State University . I was an class room instructor in the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy for 5 years ( real pud job loved every min of it), 2 years as the Chief Instructor of the Europe / Germany Traffice Laws School ( got to test the Hummer what a vehicle) , 2 years as an instructor of Automated Data / Computer Security , and my last 2 years as an Instructor of Nuclear Security Team with the 3rd Inf. Div. at Fork Polk. My Hobby is doing my mine and my wifes genealogy and shareing family photos , files, and family history with family and friends check out my collection at the following link .

Doug Brackemyre

Howdy from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. After high school I attended Wabash College, where I immersed myself in the hippie movement, grew hair down to my waist, and devoted myself to just about everything but studying. I helped found and edit an underground newspaper, protested just about everything, published some bad poetry in obscure magazines, and generally made a nuisance of myself to everyone over 30. After 4 years at Wabash, and just 2 classes short of graduation, I married Donna Hall (SHS Class of 66), who is still putting up with me after all these years. I then got drafted and spent a year "humping the boonies" as an infantry platoon sergeant in Viet Nam, with a delightful side trip to Cambodia. Killing people and getting shot at wasn't my cup of tea, so I opted out of the Army as soon as possible. After Viet Nam, I returned to Wabash College for a semester and earned my degree. I then tried selling insurance for MONEY, but was incredibly unsuccessful as a salesman! . To avoid starvation, I took a job as a management trainee for J.C. Penney, and worked for them for about 15 years, clawing my way up the corporate food chain. In 1984 I had had my fill of corporate BS, quit J.C. Penney, and eventually became Operations Manager for the home medical affiliate of a large regional hospital in Midland, Michigan. I worked for them until my life drastically changed in 1999.

On Labor Day in 1999, I suffered a massive heart attack and, with my heart functioning at less than 10%, was given no chance to survive by doctors at 2 hospitals. Still hanging around a week later (doctors told my family they had no idea how I was still alive), I was taken by helicopter to the Cleveland Clinic, where I was lucky/blessed enough to receive a heart transplant on October 9, 1999. I spent 3 months in the Cleveland Clinic, with Donna by my side the entire time, and suffered some complications and setbacks for the next 18 months, but today life is good. My new heart is functioning beautifully. Although I am considered fully disabled, our life is fairly normal. Donna is still teaching; I take care of the housework, laundry, and attempt to cook once in a while. Our son, Geoff, lives in Manhattan Beach, CA (an LA suburb) and works as Sales Manager for a company that supplies computers and sophisticated electronics to conventions, trade shows, and the movie studios. His wife is an RN, working in ICU in an LA hospital, and they have provided us with a grandson, Alec. I can say with complete objectivity and without any bias that Alec is the most adorable child in the universe. He will soon be 7 years old and is already being scouted by the NFL, NBA, and NHL, while devoting himself to his current passion of playing with Legos. We visit them in California two or three times a year, and do everything possible to fulfill our obligation as grandparents to spoil Alec.

Donna and I are looking forward to renewing friendships at the reunion. I am thoroughly enjoying swapping emails with many of you, and can't say enough about the class website, pictures, and mini-reunions that are going on. I am especially looking forward to thanking many of you in person for the cards, letters, prayers, and phone calls that helped keep me going while I was at the Cleveland literally helped save my life.

Anita (Alexander) Naanes

After high school I went to Ball State as a music and art major, after 2 years I became a sensible education major.

While at Ball State I married Jim Whiteman, a ROTC person so as soon as we graduated we were stationed at Elmendorf, AFB in Alaska. While living on base I had a daughter, Anna Marie in 1969 and a son Erik 1972. Like some of the rest of you I saw a lot of our generation come and go through there. I spent most of my time taking care of babies, being a good little officer’s wife and teaching. I also enjoyed painting all the doors in our quad bright colors, decorating the dumpsters with flowers and throwing a party with officers and enlisted personal unknown to either. Just before I divorced Jim I was privilege enough to have an audience with the base commander and was informed I was not an asset to my husbands career.

Life after Jim found me as a commercial artist for a couple of years.

In 1975 I met Ron and we created a new family. I gained a 13-year-old stepson at that time.

We took my little 16 by 32 out in the woods, refurbished railroad depot into a nice little home that grew to a 5000 square foot educational center and home. We all worked hard on that little project.

I taught and did interior design during those years as well as raise our kids and several others on and off.

In 1986 the economy fell and I was just finishing up a big battle with a large cooperation, the city of Anchorage and the state over some right aways and a large water project design.

We moved to the Palm Springs, Ca. low desert area in 1986. Ron got on some remodel projects, that was the Nov. they passed proposition 13 which basically stopped construction in Ca. for several years. I got a job teaching. I worked with young language emergent and borderline special needs children.

Three years ago I became the fulltime music teacher for all 675 of them. It was a ball.

Next year I take over a 4th grade position due to program reduction in the arts. I just am really looking forward to starting a whole new grade level at a new school. I truly envy my peers that have retired. But I will have fun with it.

My oldest son Ron, is an art teacher at an alternative high school in Anchorage, Alaska. This was a kid I was told could not learn.

My daughter worked in retail and management after her 7 years of searching for a major in college. She is in the process of finishing her degree in special education with an emphasis in autism.

My youngest son Erik is an archeological- anthropologist in northern California. He is working on a big site in the Sierras the last I heard. He has gotten to go to some really interesting backcountry sites in his travels.

My Mom and Dad are still alive, kicking and full of spunk. Mom is still on the corner of Chestnut and Laurel. You can go by and wave at her between 4:00 and 5:00 any pleasant day as she sits on the porch and watches the world go by. They have been there for 58 years of their 73 years together. Ron and I come out every summer and get the house winterized and caught up. So if you would like to stop by or call I’m usually here in Seymour between early July to the middle of August.

I’m really looking forward to seeing every one in October. I got a taste of it last week with a group of old friends and had a ball.

Paul Kranning

After high school I was still undecided as to what I was going to do. One day in early August, Ed Banta came over and forcibly encouraged me to go to Indiana State. Jan Eglan (class of 61), needed a guitar and bass player in his band at ISU and Ed had decided that we fit the bill. He had also convinced me that there was no need to study while in college! My first memorable moment at ISU was a reunion with several of my Seymour classmates at a pizza place which help me decide to stay for awhile. Somehow, after 4 years, I did graduate which surprised many including me! My senior year I met Antoinette Roebuck, an elementary education major at ISU from South Haven, Indiana. We married after my graduation from ISU. I completed my MS at ISU and Antoinette completed her MS at DePauw.

Part of my course of study required that I complete a 3 month field work. My original assignment did not work out so I applied for the only assignment that also provided a pay check. The place was the U.S. Federal Penitentiary in Terra Haute. Criminal justice was not an area of employment that I had dreamed of but the pay was good and it met the requirements to finish my degree. The work was more interesting then I had thought but I did not want to stay with the Federal System especially since my first assignment would have been in cold Sandstone, Minnesota. I decided instead to take temporary job with the Indiana Dept. of Corrections as a counselor/recreation leader at a small juvenile facility located in Henryville, Indiana. Two years later, still considering the line of work as temporary, I transferred to the Indiana Boys School as the recreation director and volunteer coordinator. I eventually was promoted to the Assistant Superintendent position and later transfer to the Plainfield Correctional facility. In 1984 I transferred to the Branchville Correctional Facility as the Superintendent, a position that I permanently retired from last year.

We have one son, Jeff, who is a Voc-Tech teacher at Boonville High School and his wife, Jewelee, is a guidance counselor at Mt. Vernon Middle School. We are expecting our first grand child in November.

We have a variety of interests and hobbies. I like to fish/hunt, Antoinette likes to paint/quilt and we both like to travel. Our home is in Tell City, Indiana and we have a little log cabin along the Ohio River that we spend a lot of time at.

I will be playing the guitar with the old Tikis/ Ikons bands of yesteryear at the “Class of 64 Garage Party”. We will be playing old tunes that will be reminiscent of the Trimpe Hen House days! Plan to see you all there and at our 40th reunion.

Mary Ann Bobb Blake

I began teaching first graders in Tinley Park,IL then moved to teaching first and second graders in Homewood, IL and then serving as principal. Then I accepted a position in Lisle, IL serving half time as Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministries and half time as Day Care Teacher of 3 and 4 year olds. Eventually I became the kindergarten teacher and then the Director of our Preschool and DayCare. I then moved on to ministry with the Northern Illinois District - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in Hillside, IL where I worked for 15 years. Two years ago, I became a member of the staff of Lutheran Bible Translators in Aurora, IL. We translate the Bible into the native languages of people throughout the world. Since I didn't do well in geography in school, this has been a real challenge for me. I also do grant writing to foundations and do donor calls and mission projects for our missionaries.

Tim and I have been married for 25 years and have no children - only two cocker spaniels, Cassie and Tasha. We camp in Kingston, IL (just north of DeKalb) in a 30 foot hardside trailer. We love to camp beginning in May through the end of October. We have 3 other families on our site who also camp with us.

I went to Europe this summer - to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. It was a wonderful trip. The first four days we cruised down the Rhine River and then the rest of the trip was by bus. There were 37 of us in the group and I didn't know anyone before I went of the trip. Tim didn't go along. We both want to go to Alaska yet and do the cruise and land trip there. We are also looking at retirement homes in the Orlando area.

I also teach SonLight Choir for 4's, 5's and 6 year olds at our church. It still keeps me in the teaching mode, but it's only an hour a week. I really enjoy it!

Nancy Kamman Conner

I have been married for 37 years to Bill Conner and we have lived in Columbus, In. for 25 of those years. Bill is a lawyer and I am an autism coordinator for the school system. I also happen to service Jackson County, so I am in the Seymour schools quite a bit. We have two sons, now 25 and 30. Travis, the older one, is newly married and lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Logan, the younger one lives in Bend, Oregon. We spend much of our "spare" time at Lutheran Lake--it is great respite for us. Bill loves to fish---I am waaaaaay to verbal to fish! We do enjoy golf and tennis, but my days of being good are gone. However, I still enjoy being outside and hoping for a good shot here and there. It is terrific that this web site was developed----thanks to all who put sooooo much work into it.






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