Faculty Comments on the 45-Year Class Reunion
Faculty Comments on the 40-Year Class Reunion

Best Wishes to the Class of 1964. As one of your former teachers, I am very honored to be invited to your 40th Anniversary. Jon & Laura Stahl have been in contact with me over the years. They have visited us in California and met us when we travelled to the Midwest. They have been my thread to Seymour for many years. I have to tell you, I remember 1964 with you. Your hopes and fears.. a very good year. You can be so proud of yourselves for all that you have contributed to our great country and this wonderful world. If you have travelled, you know that people all over the earth are like you and me. Only politics and religions divide us. Well.. to all of you.. thanks for inviting me to your reunion.

My first thought was to join you October 2.. but then I reviewed your photos and read your thoughts..... Ah.. time .. cruel time has erased my memory... Where are those cute lil gurls.. and strong, handsome men.. that carried the pride of the Owls.. and instilled envy in the hearts of our rivals.. even those dastardly neighbors to the North.. puppets of Cummins. Ah.... those were the dazes.. I loved it well... but now the memory fades.. and your shiny noses are impossible to identify. So... be well.. and enjoy.. My best wishes to you and your 40th Reunion. And yes.... Jon... do not dwell on moments lost... I too loved Cooper.. Little Guy with an enormous HEART.. and very quick feet. You know Jon... we are family.. and that is soooo important. Honor the past.. because it is our future. I want to thank the Class of 1964... you were a delight to work with... and I have great hope for your future. Never give up.. Never feel sorry for yourselves. Just love and enjoy. ! This is the most wonderful world we live in.. and we share it with millions of nice people like we are!

My Bio... Left Seymour High to be the Vice President and Managing Editor of a Vocational Publishing Company in Illinois. Travelled the world.. ran DOD workshops all over Europe. Left there and became a Vocational Director in a Metro High School District in the Chicago area. Met my second wife. She is wonderful.... She has a GOLD MINE. She gets the Gold.. I own the Shaft! We have done well. We own many residential and commercial properties in Santa Barbara County, CALIFORNIA. We have five sons.. all great guys... one is a Marine in Najaf.. as I write this. We have six dogs.. and over three hundred birds.. .Wild Turkeys, Pheasant, Geese, Exotic Chickens..and Doves. So.. if you venture to California.. Call me.... 805 698 0804... or e mail ballard@hwy246.net Anyway.. Thank You... Jon, Laura, Ruth, and Kathy... Your invitation brought back memories of Line Dancing in the Cafeteria.. and Touch Downs on Cool Fall Evenings... Best Wishes.. to each of you in the Class of 1964!

Ron Dale... Machine Shop and Power Shop Teacher....and COACH!

Dear Jon and Laura,

It was nice hearing from you. I really live at Osage Beach on the Lake of the Ozarks. I do a lot of moving around and I am ready to go by plane to see Ronny and Mary Unger (my son and his wife). They have retired and live in Northern Arizona.

Best of luck to you and all of your classmates and Iím sorry to miss the offer but I just canít make it. I would have answered sooner, but I misplaced your notice and just found it.

I have a nice wood shop here and I have a very good time trying to make things. I still like to paint pictures but I just donít have time!! Iím 91 now but I just feel fine. Donít know where to look for a pain in my body; guess I am just lucky (Born 1913).

Again, best of luck to all.

As ever,

Harry Unger

Our beloved Mr Unger passed on shortly after our 40th Class Reunion.

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