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I promise, this is the last e-mail from me. I just have to say something about the reunion weekend.

Many people said it was the best weekend of their lives. We had a great turn out on Saturday evening, about 230 people. There was a couple who both graduated from the class of 65 who were not happy with the two class reunion or the date but they came from out of town to attend both evening events and told Laura that they were wrong and they experienced the best reunion weekend ever. There were several classmates who sacrificed much to be here by flying all night only to have to leave in 24 hours. They flew in just for the reunion from Washington state, California, Arizona and many other places not quite as far away. There were several classmates who were here for their first reunion since we graduated in 1964. All these folks are to be commended for their efforts. Thanks to all that made it happen.

The Friday night band "gig" in the garage was just magic. The band came together and played like they were 18 and in their musical prime. Some videos or DVD's of the Friday gig may be available in the future. Look for it on the website. There were about 145 people at the garage band gig. Many said the Saturday reunion dinner was a bit of a let down compared to Friday and the band.

The good news is that the band does not want to give up what they have gained back. So there is going to be a band gig next year also. The band decided to have it again on the Oktoberfest weekend but on Saturday evening instead. We will work on the logistics as the year goes on and info will be on the website. We will not send out invitations other than the website, so tell all our classmates in case they do not have internet service.

I want to ask all of you to somehow thank Bill Pfaffenberger for the work he has done to make this weekend a huge success. He has spent tons of time on the song lists, recordings, equipment and that is not to mention the Class A website he has done for us. And he has committed to be the web master in the future for the class of 64. I could not begin to estimate his worth to this class. It is huge!!!

There are plenty of spaces on the website for you all to send in pictures, biographies and chatter. I am sure we will find a lot of chatter about this reunion weekend. Keep the website handy and use it. Until next year, God speed to all of you and your families.



Wow. What a weekend. Great to see everyone, I'm sure I'll find I missed seeing someone and now have to wait til next time. Thanks to Jon Cullen and Laura for the great organization and especially the "cool" Friday nite jam session at their place. Also, the band deserves recognition for its 'style' and fabulous entertainment for the evening. Great work guys and gal. Also, a big thank you to Bill Pfaffenberger for all his work on this web site. Bill, your efforts really helped get alot of us together on this and created lots of excitment. Earl, we know, or at least I now realize, you have a thing for reunions. Thanks for all your efforts- the tshirts, basketball center pieces and pictures- What are you going to do with all those pics? Thanks to everyone else, Kathy, et al for all you guys did to make a great week end. Personally I very much enjoyed doing our reunions with the Class of '65. I'm sure there might be a difference of opinion but from my perspective it gave me an opportunity to see friends I might not ever get. Along this line it makes me think that while at Seymour Senior High we shared the bldg. with Classes from '62-'66. Having heard that 'our' band wants to get together again next year I would like to propose an idea. What about 'our' band of '64/'65 challenging the other classes ('62,'63,'66) to a best band of the '60's. I guess I'm mainly after a reason to come 'home' and a way to see friends from a great time in my life. Fred

Jon....I too agree...the reunion weekend was a GREAT hit.
Thanks should go out to you and Laura too for having the Friday night event at your home. It was so much fun!
And to the band were awesome! Thanks so much.
Thanks too to Earl for the T-shirt.
I can't count the number of people outside our class that have commented to me about the web page. Even people that have heard about it and have never seen it think it's a great idea....and I think they are all a little jealous   Thanks again to you, Bill.
Thanks again Jon, Kathy, and all the others on the reunion committee. Applause for a job well done.
I had a good time...can you tell?


I would like to mirror what Honkie and Jon have already said. I have always had great memories of our times together in Seymour. The chance to regroup the band to play for the reunion was like having the opportunity to be in a time machine . Not many folks have the chance to revisit their youth like I had last Friday night. Playing the old songs and seeing you all dance was going back in time to the Owls nest days at the armory and the many parties that we all shared together. Everybody was having fun !

Thanks goes to Kathy and the committee for the fine get together at the Pines. That was a great dinner with plenty of time to visit with every body. My side still hurts from all the hugging.and the "twisting the night away"! Thanks goes to Jon and Laura for opening their home for the party Friday night. What a great time and someone was certainly looking out for us with the great weather. Thanks goes to Bill who has put together a remarkable Web sight that will be with us forever.

Several of the classmates children attended the Friday night party which was supper. What ever generation gap ever existed was dissolved that night.

A special thanks goes to all of you, my classmates, what a great bunch of folks! Oh yes, the class of 1965 were a pretty good group too!


Paul Kranning


What an incredible weekend !! I can't imagine that any of it could have turned out better. The Friday night gig at Jon and Laura's was simply fantastic, and the Saturday night reunion was the best ever.

Jon and Laura, thank you for all the hard work, time, and effort you contributed. Donna and I were lucky enough to get reacquainted with you early in the summer, and can't say enough how much we appreciate what you have done.

Earl, thanks for the t-shirt, and a very big thank you for calling Fred to get the ball rolling in the first place. Personally, I think it's a little bit disgusting that you can still wear your letter jacket though. Next thing we know, Gary will show up in his drum major uniform.

Colonel BIll, thanks for whipping the band into shape. Everyone in the band deserves our admiration. I know you worked hard to get the fingers, lips, and other body parts into shape for the Friday night gig, and I am really looking forward to the next one. Great job !!!

Hope, there is just no way I'll ever be able to adequately apologize. Would it help if I replaced the shoes? I didn't think I could be that rude, but Jerry and Paul have been kind enough to assure me it was possible. Maybe we can be friends again, someday?

Thanks to everyone who attended and made this such a special event. If any of you had half the fun I did, I know you'll be back again.

Finally, thanks to the Michigan State policeman who was so very courteous while issuing me a speeding ticket on the way home. It was very professional of you not to accept Donna's excuse that I wasn't paying attention because I was distracted by the Monday Night Football game on the radio.

Until next time, Doug B

Follow up comments by popular request:

Dear Classmates,

Several of you have inquired about my reference to Hope's shoes, so I want to clear the air before the rumors get out of control. As we were finishing dinner at the reunion Saturday evening, Hope walked up to our table and told me that she had a memory she wanted to share. I was delighted, of course. She then asked if I remembered when I asked her to come to Wabash for the weekend. My delight quickly turned to panic. After frantically searching my obviously feeble memory, I had to admit sheepishly that I did not remember. Hope then said that she had accepted my invitation, but I had stayed drunk the entire weekend and, at some point in the festivities, threw up on her shoes. Oops. Naturally, I tried to apologize but felt entirely inadequate to the situation. For some things, there are no words. So there you have it. The saga of Hope's shoes. Happily, I got an email from Hope this morning. She has forgiven my rudeness, and has graciously accepted my offer to replace the shoes. She was even kind enough to suggest a pair of designer shoes that I can pick up the next time I stop at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. With any luck, I'll be able to find a pair that Hope can wear when we all get together again next year.

Live well and prosper, Doug B

Hi, everyone ~

This is my first note to you all. Until now, I didn't really feel like I should be writing...that I was not really a part of what was going on. Since this past weekend that sentiment has changed in a big way! You all were - and are - awesome! Not just the music - and that was great..."magic" I think I read in someone's email which pretty much sums it up - but I ended up feeling like I had grown up with you all! Sadly, I think there is often an apprehension when one is planning to attend an event like this not knowing anyone or what to expect. Especially the Friday night band gig...I think I half-way expected more of an exclusive atmosphere - the whole "we are the band" thing, if you know what I mean. (This is not to anyone's discredit, simply due to my feeling self-conscious about being the "kid" of the group and being "from away", as they say where I come from.) Well, after breakfast on Friday AM with Gail (Gayle?) and "the guys" and then rehearsal that afternoon where so many of the wives were present, any kind of uneasiness I had brought with me quickly fled the scene in the wake of the friendliest welcome I can remember receiving outside of our own family's get togethers!

It was a great time for us and I am very thankful to have shared this with all of you. Thanks to all who worked so hard and shared so much and expected so little in return. You are all incredible!

I just can't wait for next year!! I think we will bring our daughter and her family with us! Her husband is a musician and would really have loved being there this weekend. We have gone on and on so much that he has said that he will be going to the next one...hey, we could end up being like Woodstock...without the drugs, or nudity, or hair... :o)

Big hugs to all!

Debi Pfaffenberger (Mrs. Tom Pfaffenberger)

Hey everyone,

I have read with interest everyone's comments about the weekend and certainly want to add my dittos and kudos. All the work Jon and Laura put into being such great hosts on Friday (I know Jon, if it's fun it doesn't really seem like work), Bill P for all the band organization, etc. and everyone else involved with Friday and Saturday deserve the thank you's they're getting. I had the best time Friday night rediscovering the feelings associated with being in a good groove and getting reacquainted with so many folks. I think one of the things that made the whole thing so enjoyable was to see what a great time Roberta had. She came away so impressed with how friendly, nice and welcoming everyone was. I know it isn't easy for someone who doesn't have the same shared experiences to come to functions like this - and Roberta certainly had her concerns before we got there. Those concerns vanished, I think, the minute she was introduced to Jon and Laura, and it just kept getting better. She was also blown away by the band and pretty surprised by how well we came back together. Of course she said I was the "cutest" one up there, but may have been confused or distracted by the bright lights. We are looking forward to next year and the interactions between now and then that this reunion has made possible. Don D

Is anybody feeling a little bit let down now that the weekend is over? We are and have been talking about what a great time we had since. LeeAnn connected with all the band member wives and keeps saying that we have to get together again. Maybe we shouldn't wait til next year. We aren't getting any younger. Thanks to everybody that made this a memorable weekend. The Stahl's sure know how to have a party. A big thanks again to Bill P. for making the rock 'n roll weekend happen. Let's stay in touch and Honki, we had to go back and look too. Thanks, Doug, for pointing that out. Let's give Gary the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there was a tear in his eye that ran down to his nose. You are bad, Doug. But, you are making us all look back. Gary and Sharon, hope you are getting a kick out of this.

Stan and LeeAnn Osterman

Dear Classmates,

We, too, “ditto” all the preceding “accolades.” Jon, Laura, Bill, Kathy, and the band – there is simply no way to thank you for all that you have done! A note of gratitude to Earl, too, not only for the T-shirts, basketballs, artifacts, cameras, and organization of the school tours, but also for “planting” the seed of a “reunion” over a year ago! Sincere appreciation also goes to those of you who worked behind the scenes helping to create this very special weekend. We could go on and on – and it still wouldn’t be enough! Just know that all of you have been so instrumental in helping all of us re-create and renew many friendships and memories – relationships that definitely last a lifetime!!!!

It is simply amazing how “smiles” and “personalities” endure through the years! Even though the hair (notice I am not mentioning anything else) changes, the “smile” is a great ID! It is also truly heart warming to hear that the spouses outside of our class think so highly of all of us. The Class of 64 has always been special and now we have “loving” verification of that fact!

Stan, thanks for asking (and worrying) about Gary. He is handling the “razzing” about THE PICTURE very well! But, if you guys don’t begin to lay off just a little, we may all have to “witness” his attending the next band gig wearing his drum major outfit and carrying his conductor’s baton! That way there will be no question about what his hand (finger) is doing! Trust me, that won’t be a pretty picture either – so, guys, you might want to “weigh” or “pick” your “digs” for the benefit of all of us!

Seriously, though, since both of us are members of this magnificent class and group of friends, these last few months, weeks, and days have definitely been a “DOUBLE your pleasure, DOUBLE your fun” time in our lives. Can’t wait until the next get-together!

Sharon (Gary, too)

PS By the way, I am sorry I was unable to convince “Frankie” to perform at the Friday night gig. But needless to say, if he had been there, “Frankie” would have been a mere “opening act” to the incredibly talented band we all enjoyed so much!!!! Thanks again!

The 40th Seymour High School reunion was the first I have ever attended. It was a truly memorable evening. I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends from those special four years of our lives. What fun we had! I'm sorry to have missed the Friday evening band party but will certainly attend any future ones. Thanks so much to all who had a part in making this such a special evening. GO OWLS! Your Michigander classmate, (along with D. Kellermeier, D. Brackemyre, and B. Hunter)

Hope Roberts West

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for a wonderful weekend. All the committee and many others did a wonderful job of organizing these events and I want to all my allocades, applause and personal thank you.

For those of you who missed it, the tour of Immanuel was wonderful and greatly enjoyed. Thank you, Earl, for arranging that and for all the other things you did to make this a memorable weekend.

Like Hope, this is the first reunion I have attended and it was great. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at Jon and Laura's Friday night and had a wonderful time. The band was stupendous and did a wonderful job. I was very impressed.

Bill, I can't tell you how much this web site has meant to me personally and I am sure every other class member who has been away from Seymour for 35 to 40 years. Thank you very much for getting it going and keeping it up.

Best to all, and hope to see you soon.

Jan Brewer Gerth

I am glad they are going to continue and Jon and Laura are willing to make this an annual event. I'm not sure I can get there again next year, but I will be there in spirit.




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