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Don Weddle

Name: Don Weddle
Date:  October 9, 2006
Subject: 2006 Gig

This year's Gig in the Garage I feel out done all the previous ones. Too bad that more were not in attendance. They missed a great evening of entertainment and fellowship. The band was the best they have been so far. A big thanks to Jon and Laura for hosting this event again. I can hardly wait for next year to get together with everyone and hear the greatest band in Indiana!!


Hope West

Name:  Hope West
Date:  October 16, 2006
Subject:  Oktoberfest Weekend

Dear Jon, I was in town for a family reunion during the recent Oktoberfest weekend. I'm sorry I couldn't stop by because of the conflict with our family get-together. However, I wanted to tell you about the 5K walk/run event on Sat. morning of that weekend. Twenty-four members of the Roberts' family participated in that event in memory of my brother, Jim. We wore bright yellow T-shirts with the words, REMEMBERING JIM printed on them. We left from the high school (the first time I've been back there) and walked through Sunset Parkway. It was a cool, crisp fall day. Approximately, 415 people participated. I came in 400th. Our group was large and included children so we started and finished at the back of the pack. The whole experience was lots of fun and we may make it an annual event. I hope all of you had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful fall weekend. Thanks for all of your efforts.


Hope West



Carol Dollens

Name: Carol Dollens
Date:  October 26, 2006
Subject: Change in E-mail address

Bill, I'm back in Indiana and my new email address is Sorry I did not make it to the reunion have been busy with my Mom who will turn 91 next month. Hope you had a great time.



Jon Cullen Stahl

Date:  April 6, 2006
From:  Jon Cullen Stahl
To:  Classmates and Friends
Subject:  Gig In The Garage 2006

I just wanted to remind you of the 3rd annual "Reunion Gig In The Garage" so you can start planning on attending. It will be held once again during Seymour's Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest runs from Thursday October 5th through Saturday October 7th. The Reunion Gig will be held on Saturday October 7th in the garage, tent and yard of Jon Cullen and Laura Stahl as in the past. The reunion band will play that evening in the garage and may also be playing at the Oktoberfest either Thursday or Friday evening. More details will appear on the class web site. You may find the info at the following site on the internet.

Please give this information to all your old friends from yesteryear and plan to meet them here. Also visit the web site often for more info and also please send in some info, pictures or trivia to the web site. A big thanks goes to Bill Pfaffenberger for continuing to operate the web site and for all the work he puts into the Reunion Band. Jim Lucas of Seymour operates a real nice business called "The Awning Guy". He makes specialty awnings with graphics for homes and businesses. They also print banners and signs. We have been renting a 30 by 30 tent, chairs and tables from them for the past two years. Jim has graciously donated over $400 to our reunion cause by discounting the cost this year from over $600 to just $200. I would hope that anyone who would want an awning, tent rental or signs please contact Jim for quote. He is a swell person and you would enjoy doing business with him. A BIG THANKS TO JIM-----------THE AWNING GUY !!! HOPING TO SEE EVERYONE OF YOU THIS FALL !!!! Your Classmates!


Date:  October 7, 2005
From: Jon Cullen Stahl
To:  All Classmates (Classes of 1964 & 1965)
Subject: 2005 Reunion

Classmates; I would like to thank all who helped make the second annual "gig in the garage" a huge success. We had about 140 people here for the festivities on Saturday night and it seemed they all had a blast. As some of you know, the band has been practicing each month now for the last year and it shows. If you thought they were good last year, you should hear them now. I happen to know some of them are practicing as if they were getting ready for an audition. I do know they plan to practice all year and continue to add more songs that everyone in attendance can relate to and allow themselves to become 17 again, even if just for an evening.

When the band started to play their last set Saturday evening, it was evident that the classmates and guests did not want to let them quit. Finally at 10:25 p.m. after playing a couple extra tunes and with everyone on the dance floor, the band finally shut down. I am not sure if they were out of material or out of gas. They had played at the old Baldwin's Drug Store, now a store called THIS OLD GUITAR, on Friday night before a big Oktoberfest crowd. They practiced Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. So by 10:25 Saturday evening they were getting pretty tired.

For those of you who did not attend this year or maybe even last years "gig" please make plans for next years 3rd annual "gig in the garage". It will be in the same place at the same time. Come join us and see what a great time it will be. We have had our classmates from 64-65 bring their kids and even grandkids so don't let anything keep you from this experience of a lifetime.

God Bless and see you next year.



I talked toTom Snyder yesterday and he said he has been getting some e-mails from the 64list but has not had time to respond. He will----he is very active owning several farms, driving a school bus and having livestock. One of his young'ins is a Purdue grad, like Tom, who now farms with Tom and his dad. Tom's dad is in his 80s and looks great.

As many of you know we have lost several classmates in the past few years. One of the reasons I think it so important that we get together this year is time just gets by us without doing some things we should do. I still wake up at night thinking of a deep regret. Donnie Cooper and I were real close in our high school days and had stayed in contact because of me being a contractor for the last 22 years and he was field manager for the gas company. When Coop got sick he did not want to talk about his illness. He lost a lot of weight but was not in too much pain ( at least according to his son). He had spells of feeling sick with some back pain but was able to get around. Coop liked to hunt deer and had bought some property in the hills to retire on and hunt there. But it was some distance from home. His last fall he did not hunt because he could not stay warm. I have 240 acres that I manage for hunting & recreation. It has a road that runs down into the property so I thought Coop could drive down there and sit in his truck, stay warm and when he saw a deer he wanted to shoot, he could step out and shoot the animal. Even if he didn't shoot one --- just being out is the best part of hunting. I was busy and did not follow up on setting this up. I have gone through all the emotions of guilt, shame and irresponsibility. Lesson learned-- don't wait to do what you should. It can haunt you a long time. JCS


About the time I was 12 years old, I started working at my uncles music store, Johnny O’s in Seymour. ( If you remember Johnny O’s Music Store it will date you for sure.) Within a year I was playing in a band with Jan Eglen on drums, Jeff Haas on alto & tenor sax, Junior Pollerd on Guitar and myself on string bass. We played a lot of "big band" stuff as well as some jazz. Jeff and Junior could play anything and carried the load. We even did Dave Brubeck’s "Take Five" a classic jazz piece in five quarter time. At 13 that took some time to catch onto. We were playing at the old Legion and/or the Eagles every weekend. Can you imagine a 13 to 15 year old being allowed to play in these kind of smoky places around booze etc in todays society? Sounds like a lawsuit in the making for sure. By the time I was 15 to 16 my uncle had taken a sales manager job for Kimbal Piano and Organ Co in Jasper Indiana. The band was about to break up because Jeff was going into the Marines and Jan was about to graduate and go to college.

So I switched to another interest---cars. I went to work for Bert’s Standard and worked there through high school. Coop would always come in and hang out on my night shifts and then we would go out after work at 10:00 pm On my weekend night off, I would many times go to some racing venue to see the midgets or sprints run and sometimes if I had a Sunday afternoon off I would go to a drag race. Then of course there was that red headed girl I fell in love with in our junior year and I was trying to play baseball and football in the midst of my schedule.

Due to my work schedules and other things, I did not attend class parties etc so I lost contact with a lot of you in our class. I think that is one reason I am really enjoying getting in touch with each and everyone of you again. I feel I missed a lot while I gained a lot. I guess there is just not enough time to go around when one has a lot of interests.

Enough boring stuff for now. JCS

Hey everyone

----Laura and I went to eat this evening---- at Bailey's Drive-In Now it is called Rockford Place but it looks about the same and you can still get one of Helen Bailey's TastyBurgers. It has to be one of the few old drive-in 's in the country.

Ever ask yourself how many laps you made around that place?



The reunion was officially opened last night as Jerry Von Dielingen and Doug & Donna Brackemyer happened to be in Seymour yesterday so Laura and I invited them out for supper and we toasted the official opening of the reunion over some "Two Buck Chuck" or a cheap wine as Jerry called it as he walked in the house.

We did a lot of scrolling the the old times. The rumor has been circulating that Jerry's memory is shot---gone----totally not there---- and after last night I might believe it. He is still the character he was 55 years ago when I first got to know him. Jerry's family moved just two doors down from us when we were only 2-3 years old. I don't think I have laughted as much in years as I did last night. Doug tried to keep Jerry inside the limits but it was a struggle. Does anyone remember Jerry's nick name in school days? He reminded me that I was the one that started it because of a holloween suit he wore when we were trick or treating about age 6. Hint---he wore a blue bunny outfit.

Doug on the other hand looks really great considering all he has been through. About 4 years ago Doug had a heart attack that even though he did not realize it, had destroyed about 90 % of his heart. He was revived many times and fitted with a heart pump until he could get a transplant. And even then he went through some real trials. Donna went through some real tough times with Doug also. As he says, he was not awake for most of it but she was in waiting all the time. Doug is truly a walking miracle and it was so good to have him break bread with us.

The illness has not suppressed his wit and personality. His hair is darker than most of us and his smile is the same as when most of us were around him. Doug did say that there were times that he was really down but that all the cards, letters, flowers and etc kept him going. He is really appreciative for all that knew of his illness and responded. I assured him that there were many of us that never knew about his plight until later or even now but all our hearts will always be with him.

So there we sat three guys from the class of 64 and two gals from the class of 65--- a picture had to be taken of that--- it will probably show up on the website soon. I have to thank Laura for fixing a great meal on short notice.


Fred Waldkoetter


First I think we owe a debt of gratitude to Jon Cullen for getting this going and spearheading our Reunion this Fall. Thanks, Jon. Second. I think a few of our classmates already owe us some explanation. First there's Kathe Keach who says she's a KatLover, then Floyd S. says he's a chattycat and then Diane C. is an indianheadcanoes. Gail S. looks to be a Starband. I believe my classmates will agree you owe the rest of us a little commentary. Does everyone agree? Oh by the way I'll believe anything. Have a great week end and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Paul Kranning


Jon Cullen has done a super job in putting the list together. He told me that Laura has been helping too. I have already had a great time of in renewing some old friendships with our classmates. The list grows longer each day. Hello out there everybody!!! I wonder if chatty cat and katlover have tried the Salmon?

Take care,

Ed Banta

Fred, You are absolutely right! We do owe Jon C. and Laura a big debt of gratitude. Also, hope things are OK with you and your family. Paul Kranning and I have been exchanging emails since he called last week as have Jon C. and many of us. Jerry vonDielingen got involved in our emails and I must admit, they went south quickly...slanderous comments about PK and me, etc..., very disturbing. We dragged Bob Allman into it but we hesitate to drag others into same. Possibly, we've opened Pandora's Box. Probably, better-off leaving it closed. Anyway, happy to hear you're OK. Also, good to hear from Bill Foster, Dan Byers, et al.


Don, Great to hear from you! As I remember it, we last spoke in 1994 at St. Meinrad during our 30th reunion. Are you planning on attending the 40th at St.M? Sounds like you're planning on attending the SHS reunion. I will attend both. Should be a lot of fun!

Also, don't be too hard on yourself for not keeping in-touch. We've all had a part in the "not keeping in-touch" thing.

Glad to hear your dad is OK. Man, I remember your dad and mom, and I remember you telling me your mom passed away some years ago. My dad died in 1968. Thinking about that: it just doesn't seem possible it was that many years ago.

Sounds like you are still in the food business. I suppose you wouldn't consider starting a Qdoba in Seymour? I bet Bailey's Drive-In could be bought. I remember PK and a few others making numerous trips there some years ago to feast on burgers, etc.... Probably why we are all losing our hair. I always wondered what was in those burgers.

Concerning music, I too have not picked-up a guitar in quite a few years. I' m sure many of those that know and love music are thankful that is the case. Nevertheless, an AARP garage band is an interesting thought.

Must think more about that.

Mary (the former Mary Hauersperger-she's a little younger than we are) and I live in Carmel (that's Carmel by the cornfield - not the sea), IN. We've been here since 1984 when we moved from Seymour after I received a promotion from NCR. Come to think of it, that was the last promotion I received from NCR. I wonder if that means anything?

Must think more about that as well.

Mary and I have (3) kids that aren't kids anymore. Megan who's 26 years old is a kindergarten teacher at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in Noblesville. Ann, 24, a Purdue grad, is a chemist at Eli Lilly and Eddie (couldn't help myself on the name) is a junior at Purdue in EE. Thankfully, my genes had little impact on them. Their mother is thankful as well.

I would love to get together prior to the reunion or anytime if it could be arranged. You may know that Jerry VonDielingen lives in Kentucky (near Lexington) and would likely be up for a game of golf with this fine group of gentlemen. He's retired now (from a number of companies - too numerous to name) living in the lap of luxury.

Also, I too travel a lot but would make time for a golf outing or some other worthwhile/intellectual endeavor. I hear there's a triple A club in Louisville. It's a great ballpark - been there and loved it!

Also, come to think of it, I wonder what ever happened to A. Ray Smith? Man, was he something!

OK, enough of this rambling.

Great to hear from you - to know you're OK and doing well!

Take care.



Kathy, Nice job on Doug! Now, get ready for some return fire. Nevertheless, it appears you can handle it.

Also, I agree with you on Gary's story. The polite thing is to say nothing.

Take care.

Nancy Kamman Conner

Hi All, I was a car hop at Bailey's and so remember the Miss Piggy (tenderloin). I also remember one man who always came with his dogs--but never tipped. We would flip a coin as to who would wait on him. Funny how you remember silly things like that. I also recall a night when my now husband (of 35 years) came by to ask me what time I got off of work. He then asked me if I would like to go out dragging with him!!!! I declined--my mom would have had a fit--but I bet some of you guys remember the drag strip. A fond memory of elementary is roller skating at the Rok-sey rink on Saturdays in my little skating skirt and pompoms on my skates. My sons our horrified at the throught of it. It is still there--so it must have been a good thing!



Bet we all wish we could fit into our clothes of 40 years ago!! ---a class reunion is always a big motivator for all to "look like they did in the good old days"--yeah right----

Now a days the girls are very active in high school sports. When I tell people about girls basketball--GAA--where the guards to not cross the center line, people look at me like I am crazy---fortunately all figured out that girls have athletic genes too. Does anyone remember the PE teacher that taught us in 9th grade????? I sure remember her, but can't recall her name??


Hi All, Well I can certainly chime in and tell you that Kathy may not have been "chosen" to be a majorette, BUT boy could she sing. I still vividly recall her singing alto in our little "quartet" at Immanuel. The tune I remember most was "Mhum, my honey, mhum my honey, gonna get along without you now". She was quite the vocalist--honestly I can't remember who else sang with us, but Kathy left a lasting impression --and it was a good one. As far as the majorette thing--well back in those days we had to put that awful leg make up on-(-no tanning booths back then) and you had to work like crazy to smooth it out so it wouldn't streak--and then you had the gook all over your hands and it got on anything white---so see Kathy--behind the scene---it was not such a glorious thing! (Don't think Gary had to do the leg make-up!) Nancy

Diane Christopher Brunovsky

Ok, Fred, I'll fess up. Indian Head Canoes is the canoe/rafting/kayaking/ camping/ and log cabins summer business my husband and I started about 30 years ago. We have 3 locations, mainly Barryville, NY and Matamoras, Pa. We have white water and calm water trips, lengths vary from 3 hrs. to 7 days. Look us up on the net: We built our own log cabin right on the river. Oh, that's the Delaware River. We spend most of the summer there. We love it. It's pretty crazy on weekends. We get the NY city crowd and anything goes, or at least they try it. We get families too, college groups, scouts, churches and just friends. Linda Jaynes Stephen has been to visit, and I'm working on Karen Allman- Its just a great place. I've retired from teaching last June, the best decision I ever made! The rest of you- don't wait too long! So that's my story, and I'm stickin to it. Love to all, Diane Christopher Brunovsky

ps. it really feels wierd to use that Christopher name! I'll send a few pics so you can see for yourselves. This email thing is great. What a good way to reacquaint with everyone before the big reunion next fall. Thanks, Jon C.

Pat Garvey

Owl Fans:

There is an old saying that goes something like this: You should not confuse your career with your life. How true. It is wonderful to be able to forget daily struggles and relive the "good ole" days. We should not live in the past. However, it is nice to revisit. I wanted to make contact and say hello. As chats take place I look forward to sharing my previous 40 years as well as plans for my next 40.

Pat Garvey

PS. I can still fit into my letter sweater and jacket.

Gail Stahl Wilson

I'd second the thanks to Laura and Cullen, okay Jon, old habits die hard...but we're probably on twentieths by now. I had a wonderful 'chat' with Tom Bast a few weeks ago and look forward to hearing about what everyone is up to these days. Fred's comments related to email addresses started me looking more carefully and it is fun to try to decifer them a bit! Diane's business sounds heavenly but my Starband does not mean that I decided to start a musical career late in life - ah, but it were true! Life is fun but not that exciting! We have moved to the Texas 'hill country' about 65 miles NW of San Antonio after a number of years in Dallas and Houston. Actually ran into Fred in the Dallas public library many years ago and see that he is still there. (He also met my husband at a function in London before that - how small is the world these days! I wasn't there but a 'where are you from' led to Seymour and the connection). Starband boringly enough is my satellite modem as we don't have any other means of high speed connect out here. 20 people doesn't inspire a lot of high tech investment!

I was taken back to childhood pretty abruptly when I saw Gary and Sharon's address!! Since it was pretty much just around the corner from our house we went there often. (I was particularly fond of the 7-up/orange sherbet slushy). I couldn't resist checking it out and what neat memories when I saw the picture on their web site! The question begs to be asked - are you back in Seymour or just taking us down memory lane by using the address for your email?? It was interesting to see Nancy's comments about the Roxy roller rink - we were looking for a particular picture of one of my sons a couple of weeks ago and found some skating party pictures which got us (mom lives with us in Texas now) talking about all of the parties and Saturdays spent out there. These days we only ice-skate in indoor rinks but remember the outdoor rink at Columbus? It's been too long for me to remember the outskirts of Seymour, but does anyone remember the sledding hill outside of town and the field that used to flood and make a good rink (except for the corn or whatever that stuck up all over)? I can picture it fondly but not where it was!

I suspect that I should get back to work but hope to hear from you either in a bulk email or personally. Looking forward to October!


Floyd Stuckwisch

HOWDY ALL - from the great southwest
Where thru the cactus and sagebrush run
Wile Coyote and Roadrunner too
Frolic beneath the skies so blue.
The stars are brighter and the skys are higher
The sun is even brighter, too.
In the winters cold our temperatures may go
To a frigid fifty-two
But morning when the sun you behold
The temperatures rise to a warm 72.
Then we come to the summer's bright
With 16 hours of fabulour daylight
Temperatures may rise to a warm 110
But the breezes they stir, the air that's so dry, the humidity it registers but five(degrees that is!)
Now if you're one who doesn't believe
Why don't you come and see me please?
ChattycatS the name I call my wife -
Of 38 years who's been at my side.
My name you say --------------
Some may remember me as "FROG" to others I was FLOYD(Stuckwisch, that is).

Howdy you all!!!! Yes it took us awhile to respond, but Cathy is involved with going back to college so she is busy right now with two internet classes every week. So forgive us for taking so long to respond. All of your emails have been great!!!! Isn't it great that we have this tool and can be in touch with just a keyboard and internet service!! Floyd and I are living in Florence, Arizona. We moved out here in late 2000 because Cathy had had a horseback riding accident in which she broke both sides (top and bottom) of her pelvis. Bones healing and aging just do no good in the cold climate of Indiana. Why did we pick Arizona? The weather is drier and warmer plus we have a daughter living out here and a granddaughter also. We both currently work for the State of Arizona - Department of Corrections. The prison is called Eyman Prison and currently houses 6,000 prisoners. This town also has 5 more prisons and has a total of 20,000+ inmates here.

Floyd is in maintenance and Cathy is in the Business Office-banking. Floyd turned over the Stuckwisch Appliance business in Brownstown to our youngest son, Marty. (Quick commercial-anyone needing good appliances and great service should contact him).

What are the plans for reunion in October? We are already committed to coming home in June for our son, Marty's wedding, so we need to know in advance to put in for time off. As the poem above stated, anyone out in the Arizona area needs to look us up. We love to have visitors. Floyd and Catherine Stuckwisch (Cathy graduated in '64 from Brownstown)

Sharon and Gary Kovener

Gary and I also want to send thanks and accolades to Jon and Laura for creating this enjoyable mode of communication! What fun! One day when there was no Class of 64 e-mail, I had withdrawal symptoms!

In answer to Gail’s question – no, we are not in Seymour (although we do miss the chocolate malt). I personally also miss the Cherry Orange drink at the old Bailey’s Drive-In. Do they still serve it? Gary and I are still living in Naperville, Illinois, in the western suburbs of Chicago. The e-mail address is simply one we can remember!!!

We have been in Naperville since l974 when Gary began working for Amoco, then BP/Amoco, now BP. He took early retirement with the merger? (buyout) in 99 but went back to being employed – working for a small high-tech company in Naperville the last four years. I retired from high school teaching in 2002 and have stayed that way! Wasn’t sure I would adjust to having a life without “bells telling me where to be when” (part of the daily routine since Riley School in 1952 – 50 years!) – but like Diane Christopher Brunovsky, I highly recommend this “period” of life!

Have really enjoyed reading updates from everyone and looking forward to more! See you in October!

Gary and Sharon Kovener

A Special Note to Randy: We, like everyone else, were really sorry to hear about your fall and resulting injuries! Hopefully each day will find you further down the road of “mending” and “getting back on your feet.” Take care of yourself!



I wish to first state that I was NOT on the selection committee so the following story does not bear directly on her pain. But the following >true story does help us share her pain (GRIN).  It seems that when I was a 4-H member, I helped with the dog rabies vaccination at Shield Park. My job was to sit at the end of the table and register the owners. When I looked down the line of waiting owners, I saw Kathy and thought "Hey, neat! I can talk to her. She can't avoid me." Finally it was her turn and as I started to say "hello", I felt a warm sensation trickling down my ankle. Yes - her dog was watering my foot!  So being the cool, man-about-campus that I was in high school, I told her, "Don't worry - it happens to me all the time!" Hmm... I can't remember if she laughed or just agreed with my statement. (GRIN)



Diane Krumme Hudson

Class of '64

First of all, thanks to Jon & Laura for their dedication and hard work they have put into getting the e-mail addresses for us. This is tremendous. Isn't modern technology something?

Well, I've read a lot about you northerners being so cold and all. But you know, Florida hasn't been all that warm this winter. We did get down to 40's a couple of times! But guess it does beat the snow and ice up north. The last few days have been beautiful - 80's!

Jim and I moved to Okeechobee (yes, when I heard we got a pastoral call to Okeechobee, I said Okee-where?) Florida. When you look at the weather map on TV, the big hold in Florida is Lake Okeechobee and that is where we live. We pastor a church which is less than a mile north of the lake. It is a resort fishing town and in the winter we have an influx of about 50-60,000 people. But when April-May comes, it's back down to 30,000 or so. We also have the 1st & 3rd largest dairy farms in the US. And we do have a Super Walmart - which I call the Okeechobee Mall. It is different here, almost like living in a different culture. But after 8 years we have come to call it 'home'. Jim pastors the Nazarene Church here and for the last 4 years, I have been administrative assistant to the pastor at the Lutheran Church. so they say I am Lutheran by day and Nazarene by night and weekend!

Between us we have 5 children and 8 grandchildren who are scattered in TX, IN & FL. So our vacations are taken up with trying to get in all the family visits. My mom and dad still live in Seymour, same place.

Oh, Nancy Kamman Connor, I think the phys ed teacher's name was Lola Hahn. Why that comes to mind, I'm not sure. Guess she really made an impression - wonder why?!

We will not be able to come for the reunion. It so happens that the Monday following we will be going on a cruise - a 'gift' from our church. Jim said we could postpone the cruise and come up there, but I feel since it is a gift, we should go ahead with it. I was really looking forward to seeing all of you again. I have heard from several of you and it has been great to get re-acquainted after 40 years. Hope to hear from more of you, class of '64!

Diane Krumme Hudson

ps Does anyone know where Earlene Mackey is? Last I corresponded with her she was in Franklin, TN.


Bill and all

Well, we have been through 2 hurricanes in 3 weeks. It was quite an experience. We are all okay and were very fortunate. We just got power today and by tomorrow we hope to have water. You don't realize how much you take these amenities for granted until you lose it.

We are still leaving this weekend for the cruise. They assure us we will not run into any hurricanes! Am looking forward to getting away from all the stress for a few days.

My thoughts will be with you all Friday and Saturday. I know it will be a great event and hopefully, I will make the next one. Please continue the web site. It's great!

Give my regards to the Class of '64!

Diane Krumme Hudson

Carol Powell Wilson

Name:  Carol Powell Wilson
Date:  May 31, 2008
Subject:  Relocation

Hello from Bowling Green, Kentucky!  After a challenging couple of years, George and I have moved "back" to be closer to our children and to get my mother closer to good medical care.  For the first time, I think I SHOULD be able to attend the "Gig in the Garage".  Don't forget to let me know!! 

Meanwhile, new contact info:

Carol Powell Wilson
578 Old Tram Road
Bowling Green  KY  42101

Thanks for everything you and your team do for us.  The website is fantastic!

Okay, Paul & Fred. You were the first to wonder about the salmon . . . Salmon, the fish. Salmon, the "River of No Return". Salmon City. Salmon River Range, the mountains to the west of us. Folklore tells of a time, not so awfully long ago, when a person could cross the river on the backs of the running salmon! The fish are now a rare sight and a matter mostly for the scientists. We still have big steelhead runs, though, and the fishermen are chasing them up our stretch of the river right now! Montana and Wyoming are just "over the hill" . . . both Yellowstone and Jackson Hole are not far. We used to hunt and fish every year but the joints are getting so creaky, it's harder each season to get excited! Diane, instead of drifting down the river lazily in canoes, we have people rafting the whitewater!

Jackson Elementary, the grand ole high school building where we attended Jr. High and the almost brand new SSHS, the Rok-Sey roller rink, the swimming pool at Shields Park, the root beer stands and the drive-in, that special Youth Group from the Baptist Church. The drivers' ed teacher who used to say, "Even a monkey learns the third time!" Haven't thought of those things for years (although I still use the monkey phrase a lot). It's been a lot of fun dredging up those memories. Thank you Joyce Mullikin and JCS for finding me! It's been a thrill to watch the "64list" grow daily! Whether or not we make the reunion, you have given us the invaluable opportunity to catch up a bit with old friends. Bill, thank you for the great website. Mr. Unger could stretch a dot to infinity and remains living proof of it! Nancy, instead of having sports, as our granddaughters now do, I guess we had marching band to teach us teamwork and discipline. Gary, you were a great Drum Major!

Happy birthday (I'm pretty sure) to Mike Taylor tomorrow, the 8th. Can't explain why I can remember your birthday for five decades but can't remember what I did last week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICKEY!


This summer was a time of reunion for me, motivated by the upcoming Class of '64 Reunion. When I was first contacted about the 40th, I literally had to sit back in my chair, take a deep breath, and THINK about it . . . had it really been that many years?! My husband and I were traveling through southern Indiana in June. Vera Rigsby Rogers and her husband Bruce, graciously allowed us to stay overnight with our motorhome parked outside their beautiful, fully restored, 1870 farmhouse, properly named "Country Breese Farm". As you can see from our photos, NEITHER of us has changed a bit! Vera and I had about 24 precious hours during which we hardly took a breath. Both of her gorgeous daughters live nearby and Vera gets to spend time with her grandson, Hunter, regularly. Later in the month of June, Daisy Eacret Quillen met me at my son's home in Columbus and drove me to the beautiful country acreage where she and her husband, Frank, have lived and raised their two pretty daughters. We had lunch in Columbus and yakked for hours. Daisy also has one grandson and is able to spend a lot of time with him. Before we could bear to end the odyssey, revisiting nearly 50 years of personal history, we arranged one more time together. Sara Jo McDonald Otte had planned to join us, but her bank called her in for work at the last moment. We MISSED you, Sara Jo! Vera, Daisy and I met at the new Max and Erma's north of Columbus for a great lunch thanks to really patient restaurant employees. We tied up a booth for hours! Sara Jo and I had our own telephone "reunion" that evening! During the month of May, George and I had the honor of witnessing our grandson's wedding in Tennesse. Josh is the oldest of our dozen grandchildren and belongs to George's daughter, Robyn. I met him when we celebrated his very first birthday. Along with "reunion" photos, I'm sending along a picture taken on the wedding day. Josh has aged another 25 years, but his Grandpa and I . . . NOT A WHIT! With much regret George and I will not be able to make it back in October. Our memories and photos of this special summer will have to sustain us for now. We were in Seymour on Memorial Day for the dedication of the Veterans' Memorial. Sorry I didn't see (or recongnize?!) any of you guys in the crowd that day. What a spectacular day it was with bright, blue skies and heartwarming tributes. We also visited my brother's grave at Riverview that morning. Thanks to Jon's email regarding the memorial, my sons and I were able to have a brick honoring my dad, Thomas J. Powell, in place for the dedication. Jon, I cannot thank you enough for your timely help. We squeaked in at the last moment, but it meant so much to our family. Ricard, Becky and Ellen came from Columbus. John Alan and Laura came from Louisville. We took lots of pictures to share with my Mom back home in Idaho. Big pieces of our hearts are in Seymour! Have exchanged special emails with Diane Krumme that felt like reunion, too. What a special summer it has been! Have a blowout in October . . . I will be with you in spirit and hope to hear all about it! What a blessing to be part of such a special, smart, good-looking class. Bill, George and I will take a raincheck on lunch if you will forgive us for not making it this time. Would have loved to have done that! Our time in Plainfield was all too short and filled with basketball thanks to another of our dozen.

From Salmon, with love,

Carol Powell Wilson

Sandy Sinkes Stamps

Remember the Majestic and the Vondee Theaters? One of my favorite stories to tell my children and grandchildren is that I could go to the movies before I turned 12 and buy popcorn, coke, and a candy bar for $.45!!! And I wondered why I had a weight problem!! ha And for those of you who remember how I matured early and reached my height at 11, I used to carry my birth cerificate with me in my billfold in case the ticket booth attendee didn't believe me when I told them I was only 11 because I wasn't about to pay $.50 instead of $.20 to get in because that would mean I woundn't have any money for all the junk!!!!

Do any of you remember the 'drag strip' on the other side of the skating rink? Of course, I never was guilty of going there with a certain person I married right out of high school! Ya'll, right!!! ha

My son still lives in Seymour, and it never ceases to amaze me how much it has grown. In fact my husband and I were just there this past weekend to see our new grandson, Brian's first, and he will be 39 next month!!!

I'm sure you all remember how close Kathe Keach Caplinger and I were. We usually talk to each other once or twice a year, and it is always so amazing to me how it always seems like we can pick up where we left off as though we kept in touch on a weekly basis. I'm sure you all have someone in your life like that. She will always be very special to me.

God Bless all of you and hope to see you in October.

Sandy Sinkes Stamps

Don Doyle

Hey Gang! I'm replying to Paul's email since he had the most extensive copy list (is anyone surprised by that?). It really is great to hear from all of you. It's too bad I've been so out of touch. Here's a brief update of what I've been up to: Roberta and I are still together - we have 3 grown sons, all married, and 6 grandchildren. Chris, our oldest, lives in Pittsburgh and has 4 children (2 and 2). Mark, our second, lives in Louisville and has 2. Ryan, our youngest, got married last year. We have lived in Louisville for most of our married life. We moved here in '73 when I joined forces with the Colonel. I left KFC in '88 and we moved to southern Cal for 3 years. I was with a hamburger chain on the west coast called Carl's Jr. We came back to Louisville 7 years ago when I joined Rally's Hamburgers. Rally's was acquired by another company who didn't need another president (the music stopped and I didn't have a chair!). So I and a partner started up a franchise of Qdoba Mexican Grill - a "fast casual" mexican restaurant based in Denver. Qdoba is basically a high-end fast food restaurant. You order at the counter ala fast food, but the quality, ambience and price are significantly higher than a taco joint. We now have 11 open and 1 more under construction. Our territory includes Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, and Birmingham. We hope to build out our territory over the next 2 or 3 years. I'm still very active in this business and do quite a bit of travelling, mainly looking for new locations. I hope to sell the business in 2 or 3 years and then start an AARP Garage Band. I continued to play music some after college, but haven't for the past few years. Ryan, our youngest plays guitar and is an excellent musician. And no I haven't requested a paternity test Paul. Roberta and I travel as much as we can. She is an artist and I've tagged along on several of her outings to Europe and elsewhere. When I first heard about the upcoming reunion, I figured someone had calculated the date wrong. It can't have been 40 years! Other than less of some things (hair) and more of others (wrinkles and weight) I haven't aged at all. It will be great to catch up with everyone. Maybe we can have our own reunion before the big event. I checked out the picture Bill P sent in on the web site. Where was that taken? Bill Foster - It's good to hear your mom's still doing well. My dad is still alive - 87 and doing very well. Greg is married with 2 kids in college and living in Lexington. Lois is living in Washington - married, no kids - and can keep an eye on dad. That's all for now. I've got to go roll some burritos. Please let me know if any of you are ever in the Louisville area.


Jerry VonDielingen

Et Al,

The rumors of my living in the lap of luxury are greatly exaggerated. While I appreciate Ed's compassion and empathy for my plight, it has been rough. I tell people that I am retired, since saying I am out of work makes them and me feel bad.

I do not want to have to ask any of my friends for money, however, if you have any friends that would like to donate to help buy a new retread for my house it would be appreciated. I am also trying to get together enough to repaint this fall. Some of the stores in whose parking lots I park are beginning to complain.

Ed also misunderstands about my golf. I don't really play that much, but do spend a lot of time at the course picking up aluminum cans, etc. for gas money. However, I would like to get up a golf game or two with friends. The more you drink the more cans I can collect. Since Bill is retired he can bring the refeshments and Don can provide the food. Sounds like a great time for all.

If you see me coming up the road in my RV/Home please keep the lights on for me.



Jan Brewer Gerth
West Palm Beach, Florida

Just have to say that I love the old pictures. Last week was either Washington or Riley Elementary School - not sure which; and this week is the entry way to the old high school.

Jayne Waldkoetter Rogan

Hi everybody. Hey Bill, thanks so much for creating the website. This is great!!

Jayne Waldkoetter Rogan

Dennis Kellermeier

Class of '64,

First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the website with a special "Thank You!" to Bill Pfaffenberger for putting the website together, to JCS for all of his work, and to Gary and Sharon for "dusting off" the memories.

On Tuesday, I was looking at all of the pictures and saw the one of the 25th reunion in August 1989. Our son was less than 3 months old at the time and the weekend of the reunion was the first time that all of my relatives in Seymour had a chance to meet him.

Of course, we haven't gotten older in those 15 years, but Greg turned 15 on Tuesday and he has grown up. I've attached a photo of him in his lacrosse uniform. If you're not familiar with lacrosse, it's a great game. By the way, his Freshman team is undefeated with one game to go in the season.

So, thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the website. It's a great way to relive some special times and a great way to keep in touch.

For all of you trivia fans, the photo of the week is/was Burkholder Funeral Home and my question for all of you is "Who has the youngest child?" I'm thinking that it might be Barb and me, but I'd like to know.

Keep in touch! Dennis Kellermeier

Doug Brackemyre


I am happy to report that yet another pre-union gathering has occurred. Kathy Sprunger Haper, her long-suffering husband Jerry, my wife Donna, and I were the guests of Jon and Laura Stahl last Saturday evening, and thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality. We roasted some wieners and Laura and Kathy were kind enough to furnish veggies, chips, brownies, and other treats, to go with.

Carrying on the tradition of Two Buck Chuck, Kathy provided a cooler chock full of chilled beverages from the Sutter Home family of fine products. Although Jerry's Two Buck Chuck can't be faulted too much, I have to say that Kathy's choice of wines, obviously a result of her refined taste, was a welcome upgrade.

I hadn't seen Kathy in quite some time and was very happy to find that she is looking good and doing quite well. I couldn't help but notice that her lungs, tongue, lips, and vocal chords are in perfect working order.

We spent an hour or so recalling some wonderful memories of our days at SHS. However, we were all shocked when Kathy revealed that a traumatic event her Freshman Year soured her entire high school career, and, indeed, has had a negative effect on her entire adult life. None of us knew that Kathy desparately wanted to be a majorette, and had no idea of the pain she felt when the Majorette Selection Committee cruelly snubbed her. We were all brought to tears as Kathy recounted (over and over and over) how badly she was hurt. Her pain became our pain.

I have spent every waking moment since Saturday night trying to think of a way we can make amends to Kathy, and have finally settled on two ideas. First, I think it would be a wonderful gesture if all of you would send Kathy a sympathy card, and take a moment to let her know that we all share her sorrow. She deserves to know how we really feel and how much we care.

Secondly, I am announcing the formation of the Kathy Sprunger Memorial Majorette Wannabee Foundation. All donations are welcome and should be sent to me in Mt. Pleasant, MI (cash only, checks or other trackable documents). I will use the funds wisely (unless my bookie has other thoughts).

I feel better now, don't you? We talked about many other things Saturday evening. I'll try to fill you in with a later email, as soon as I get my emotions in check, and am able to choke back the tears.

Party on, Doug B

Kathy Sprunger Haper

Hello Classmates, Oh my gosh how stories get distorted. Perhaps I did mention (several times) that I was slightly disappointed when not getting majorette, but I'm pretty sure it was right after Doug told me that I couldn't be "one of the boys" if I was going to use the term "hissy fit" and/or refer to my "feelings". That had me upset for sure. As for the doggy thing with Gary.... I just don't know what to say about that, Gary. (He must have felt safe with you.) Time heals all wounds - kind of. We did have a great time at Cullen and Laura's, and since school is about over for this year I am ready to "reunion". This is certainly going to be the reunion of all time. I hope all of you can make it. Kathy (the non-majorette). Oh, did I mention that Doug's first name is Warren?

Earl Wonning

Kathy et al: I visualized being on the "majorette committee" and I voted for you.

Doug: If you are really "W. D." and this is our 40th year, then it seems logical that WD40 would be the right name for the man putting together the veterans' bio pages. As far as Kathy is concerned, I think we should take it easy on her. You all know what happened after the last reunion!

Jon VanScyoc

Bill, Thanks for setting up this's great! Hi, to the class of '64. Jon VanScyoc Emalee (Brackemyre) VanScyoc '65  (See picture on picture page 5)

Bob Miller

Hello :To All My Class 1964 Members

I want to thank Jon Cullen for the great email and for adding me to the mailing list , and to Becky Lisman for telling me about this wonderful web site . I was so happy to see the great photo and tribute to my old buddy Kenneth Branaman . Many of you I have had some contact with in the last 14 years after retiring from the US Army after 25 + years so I hi again to Donny Newkirk , Tom Wayman , Jimmy White , Bob Toborg , Mike Taylor , Stan Osterman , John Nolting and , Steve Champ . I will be sending more info such as a Biography , a posting on the Vetran's Page and some photo later.

Big Thank You goes out to Bill Pfaffenberger for putting the wonderful website together , I did have email exchange with Bill back a few years ago and he gave me some info on my family genealogy that connected me to his family through a second marriage . My hobby for the last 18 years has been doing the mine and my wife's family genealogy .

Schella Gottfried Smith

What a surprise to get an invitation to the 40th class reunion. It seems like we lose touch with everyone. My mom, 2 sisters, and a brother still live in Seymour. We try to come down to visit occasionally and I keep saying that I am gonna look up some classmates, but it seems like I never do it. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Oct. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. (2 boys and 2 girls) I am married to a wonderful man. He is retired from Shell Oil company and keeps busy gardening. (which keeps me busy canning) I acually enjoy it. Schella Gottfried Smith from Lebanon, In. email address is  would love to hear from anyone.

H. C. HONKI Sciarra Branaman

H. C. "HONKI" (Sciarra) Branaman

Over the 4th Jerry and I were in Chattanooga and while there we happened to see an article in an Atlanta paper that you might like to read. I sent it to Doug B and he said I should send it to you. Click the link to read the article.

Karol Howard Hope

It's great that Jon and Laura and others are putting so much energy into the 40th! Am hoping to attend. Because I moved to Seymour in the middle of my Junior year I really don't know that many people. (My Dad was in the Navy and retired in such a way that we moved from a Pacific Island to Indiana in the dead of winter!) Students and teachers were friendly to me but, being sort of a shy person and, living outside of town, I didn't really get to know very many people. I still have relatives in Seymour and think it would be fun to see people at the reunion if I can make it. I'm married to Bill and we've been living in Northern California since 1975. Hoping to see you in October.

Sherry Ackeret Houser

Hope you can send this out to the other classmates. It's a hoot for sure. We survived yet another hurricane. Some minor roof damage this time. But we are safe and well. Still not even a twinkling of any idea about moving back to snow country. 

(Follow-up from Sherry)

Bill, Your e-mail to me invited me to say more. Well I will try. This has been the most horrific time of my life. I never dreamed when we retired to the Paradise of Florida last April of 2003 that we would face such tragedy. It is just so unreal. Guess it is something you have to live through to believe. I love it here and like most Floridian's I would not consider leaving. This little corner of the U.S. is truly paradise.

I am sorry we won't make it for the reunion. We were in Seymour over the fourth of July and I did get to see several old Friends. It was like old home week. Hadn't seen some in over 44 years. None of which has changed at all ( LOL ) and I don't lie.

Had lunch at Larrison's of course ( regular routine) when in Seymour. And to my delight I got to see Rev and Mrs. Dennis Allman. Of course Darlene Holt Shelton had to introduce us. It was wonderful seeing friends from so many years ago. I am attaching a web site and this is just how fortunate I feel. Please enjoy  this is very special to me. If you don't have DSL or cable it will take awhile to load but my lord it is so worth the wait.


Sherry Ackeret Houser

Randy Beach

Class mates of 1964

Just wanted to say thank you all for the cards, E-mails, phone calls and prayers. They were really appreciated. I had fallen off a roof last January and fractured several bones [12] and received a concussion. Was laid up for a few months, but everything is healed now and I have bounced right back. Was real good to see you all at Jon Cullen's and at the Pines.

God bless you.

Randy Beach

Bill Pfaffenberger

Date:  November 7, 2005
From:  Bill Pfaffenberger
To:  All Website Users
Subject:  Web Site Organization

I have inserted an index page for our miscellaneous picture pages.  When you click on "PICTURE PAGES - Miscellaneous" the index screen will pop up.  You will see a table that briefly describes the pictures on each page.  Just click on the number in the left hand column to bring up a picture page.  Once you have reached a page, you may continue to go on to the next or previous page by using the navigation links at the bottom of the page.  It is my hope that this change will make the web site easier to use and remove a little clutter from the front page.

By using the Edit/Find feature (or Control+F) in your browser, you can search for a name on the index page and perhaps get to the picture you want to see faster than reading each description.





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