Seymour High School
Class of 1964

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The Tikis Band

The Tikis members included Steve Kriete, Ed Banta, Joe Bottorff, Paul Kranning and Donnie Myers.
Bill Pfaffenberger and Chuck Hildreth

Terrays and Savoys at West Lake Beach Club

In the summer of 1964 the members of Chuck and the Cavaliers and the Ikons merged to form the Terrays and Savoys.  Local guitar legend Gene Kelso also joined the group.  The Terrays and Savoys appeared locally as well as in Indianapolis.  Above left, Bill Pfaffenberger and Chuck Hildreth pose by the equipment truck before one of the trips to Indianapolis.  On the right are Don Doyle, Bob Strothmann, Tom Pfaffenberger and Stan Osterman performing at the West Lake Beach Club.
Terrays and Savoys with Bouncin Bill Baker

The Terrays and Savoys got their start at West Lake Beach Club through WIBC disk jockey Bouncin' Bill Baker. Pictured left to right are Janos (Montgomery) Bingham, Don Doyle, Bob Strothmann, Chuck Hildreth, Jim King, Hubie Aschraft, Gene Kelso, Stan Osterman and Bouncin' Bill Baker.  Hidden by the post are Tom Pfaffenberger and Bill Foster.  Bill Pfaffenberger is out of the picture to the left.
The Class of 1964 turns 50

Don Cooper arranged a 50th birthday party of members of the Class of 1964.
Sharon and Gary Kovener

Gary and Sharon Kovener
Reunion Fishing Derby no. 1
Jon Stahl and Jerry VonDielingen catch a fish.
Reunion Fishing Derby Picture

Paul Kranning, Jerry VonDielingen and Jon Stahl end Reunion Fishing Derby in Darkness
Bill Foster and his Family prior to retirement
Bill Foster and family prior to his retirement from the United States Air Force.
Friends meet in Stahl's kitchen

Friends enjoy two-buck chuck ......Left to Right: are  Doug Brackemyre, Donna Hall Brackemyre ( Class of 66), Laura Henley Stahl (Classof 65), Jerry Von Dielingen and Jon Stahl
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