Seymour High School
Class of 1964

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First day of school for Eddie and Honki

The first day of school in September 1952 for Helen Carol "Honki" Sciarra Branaman and Edwin Joseph "Eddie" Banta.  Both can be seen in the front window of this vintage sedan.
Jon Stahl, Kathy Haper and Doug Brackemyre

Jon Cullen Stahl, Kathy Sprunger Haper and Doug Brackemyre sample low-cal, low-carb foods on Chestnut Ridge.
Seymour from 350 feet

Jon Cullen lines up his parachute plane for a touch and go maneuver off the roof of the Seymour Senior High School gymnasium. Photo take at an altitude of 350 feet above ground level.
Dave, Mike and Doug meet in Viet Nam

Dave Bottorff, Mike Edwards and Doug Brackemyre hold mini class reunion in Cu Chi, South Viet Nam in July 1970.
Gary, Tom, Dennis and Jon at dedication

Gary Kovener, Tom Snyder, Dennis McDonald and JCS meet at Veterans' Memorial Dedication. Ken McCain was also with them, but left before the picture was taken.
Bill Foster, Stan Osterman, Bill Pfaffenberger and Jon Stahl

Bill Foster, Stan Osterman, Bill Pfaffenberger and Jon Cullen Stahl toast the Class of 1964 with some special Kranningberry wine from the hills of Perry County.
Seymour Veterans Memorial dedication ceremony

A large crowd was on hand to celebrate the opening of the Veterans' Memorial in Seymour.
Old Rock and Roll band members at Jon's house

Old R&R band members Janos (Montgomery) Bingham, Bill Foster, Stan Osterman, Bill Pfaffenberger and Bob Strothmann.  The two Bills and Janos went over several numbers at Janos' home Friday afternoon (5/28).  The gathering at Jon and Laura's home followed dinner at the Dakota Ridge restaurant (former Seymour Country Club).
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