Seymour High School
Class of 1964
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Girl's Mini Reunion May 27, 2004 Wanna-be Majorettes
Front - Kathy( Sprunger) Haper Back - Anita (Peters) Kraft, Sue (Knoke) Foster, Karen (Schrader) Allman, Diane (Christopher) Brunovsky, Carol (Sciarra) Branaman, Diane (Trimpe) Schafstall.  Even the threat of a tornado didn’t keep a small group of “girls” from the class of ’64 from meeting Thursday night, May 27, at the home of Karen Schrader Allman.  Some of the topics shared were children, grandchildren, hot flashes, aches and pains, those horrible garter belts we all used to wear, and everyone’s favorite....Freshman gym class with Miss Honn. Of course they all gave Kathy a little bit of a hard time about her majorette story. Other good laughs came from Anita’s stories about registering for classes at college, Diane C’s removable hair, and her story about the ditch while on a trip to Africa, and Kathy, Diane C. and Sue’s recollection of peeking through the curtains and running down the stairs trying to get a look at Honki’s handsome, older brother. Thank you Karen for inviting us over. We all enjoyed a little wine, a lot of laughs and even a little whine. Hello class of 64. Recently we seven wanna-be majorettes met at Karen's home to get a little practice strutting in. And of course we needed a leader. Well, guess who stepped to the front and offered? None other than our fearless hero, Kathy, and what a dynamite job she did. Move over Gary! We sure had a great evening, and Diane Trimpe and Anita Peters kept the stories coming. I mean we went waaaayyyy back to those Immanuel School days and slumber parties. Oh, we were soooooo good. I hadn't seen Honki or Sue in many years, and it was just like yesterday. Not even tornado warnings and torrential rain could keep us apart. If that evening was a sample of what is to come in Oct., I will have to save up my laughs starting right now. The guys have done a great job of pics on the site. I just figured it was time for we girls to unite! Hope to see more pictures. Its so much fun.

 Love, Diane Christopher Brunovsky
Jon and Emily VanSyoc in Italy Girls' Mini Reunion July 2004
Jon and Emalee (Brackemyre) VanScyoc in Tuscany.

Some of the "girls" from the class of '64 got together again for a mini-reunion(July 27, 04) at Dakota Ridge in Seymour. Again we all had a GREAT time. After dinner we went to Kathy's for a tour of her and Jerry's beautiful home. Thanks Kathy. And a BIG THANK YOU to Bob.....our chauffeur. Front row...Karen (Grim) Bobb, Anita (Alexander) Naanes, Bob Allman, Carol(Sciarra) Branaman. Back row..Diane (Trimpe) Schafstall, Sue (Knoke) Foster, Karen (Schrader) Allman, Anita (Peters) Kraft and Kathy (Sprunger) Haper.

Gaiser Park Refreshment Stand July 1959  

The Gaiser Park refreshment stand in 1959 submitted by Bob Miller (top row left).  There may be some other classmates in this picture.  Can you identify them?

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