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Seymour High School
Class of 1964
Reunion Band's First Practice 2004 Reunion Band August 21, 2004
A toast to great times and better music.  The reunion band relaxes after its first practice in July.  Left to right are Bob Strothmann ('65), Jon Stahl,  Paul Kranning, Janos (Montgomery) Bingham ('65), Ed Banta and Bill Pfaffenberger. After a long day of practice on August 21, the reunion band poses for a group photo.  Left to right are Bill Foster, Bill Pfaffenberger, Don Myers, Bob Strothmann, Janos Bingham, Ed Banta, Don Doyle, Stan Osterman and Paul Kranning.
Reunion Band August 21, 2004 Carol Powell and Vera Rigsby in 1958

In 1964, none of the bands would admit to using sheet music or song charts.  In 2004, the music sheets are right out in the open and some of the discussion is about selecting the best reading glasses for seeing them.

Carol Powell Wilson and Vera Rigsby Rogers in 1958 or 1959 along with Vera's black cat.


Vera Rigsby and Carol Powell in 2004 Vera Rigsby and Daisy Eacret 2004
Here are Vera and Carol in 2004.  Do you suppose that cat is going to live forever? Vera Rigsby Rogers and Daisy Eacret Quillen enjoy a mini-reunion with Carol Powell Wilson (not pictured) in the Columbus Max and Erma's restaurant this summer.
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