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Harry Unger, Hope Roberts West Family, Paul Kranning and friends, Mrs. Eglen, Bill Foster, Group Photo of Kathy Sprunger, Carol [Honki] Sciarra, Karen Schrader, Linda Jaynes and Sue Knoke, Ikons and Republican Rockettes, Chuck and the Cavaliers, Paul Kranning Family, Jim and Diane Hudson and Class of 1964 graduation photo.


The Tikis, Bill Pfaffenberger and Chuck Hildreth, Paul Kranning, Janos Montgomery, Don Myers and Bill Foster, Terrays and Savoys photos, fiftieth birthday party for the Class of 1964, Brackemyre's, Stahl's and Von Dielingen's, Sharon and Gary Kovener, Patoka Lake fishing outing and Bill Foster's family.


Gary Kovener and Earl Wonning in Bologna Italy, Judy Wonning, Dan Byers and Earl Wonning in Oregon, 1964 Owls Basketball pictures and memorabilia, Class of 1964's twenty fifth anniversary photo and Don Doyle and Jon Stahl fishing from bass boat.


The first day of school for Honki Sciarra and Eddie Banta, Jon Stahl, Kathy Haper and Doug Brackemyre, aerial photo of high school taken from parachute plane, Dave Bottorff, Mike Edwards and Doug Brackemyre in Cu Chi, South Viet Nam in July 1970, Reunion Band members at Jon and Laura Stahl's home, Gary Kovener, Tom Snyder, Dennis McDonald and Jon Stahl and Seymour Veterans' Memorial dedication 2004.


Kathy Haper, Anita Kraft, Sue Foster, Karen Allman, Diane Brunovsky, Carol Branaman, Diane Schafstall, Jon and Emalee  VanScyoc in Tuscany, Karen Bobb, Anita Naanes, Bob Allman, Carol Branaman Diane Schafstall, Sue Foster, Karen Allman, Anita Kraft and Kathy Haper, Bob Miller and his family and friends at Gaiser Park.


Reunion Band pictures July 2004, Carol Powell and Vera Rigsby in 1958 or 1959, Carol and Vera in 2004 and Vera Rogers and Daisy Quillen.


Frankie Avalon and Sharon Kovener, Mary Ann and Tim Blake, Kathy Haper modeling drum majorette outfit, Ron Dale at Chinese Wall, Sherry Ackeret before high school and Sherry and Willie Houser.


Karen Grim, Dana Owens, Judy Bennett, Nancy Kamman, Sharon Ault, Becky Lisman, Sue Knoke and Teresa Gerth in a 1956 Girls Club dance photo, Carol Branaman visits with Purdue Silver Twins, Morgan and Megan VonDielingen, Sheila  Brown and Sandy Brandt, Kathy Haper, Suzanne Neaman, Vickie Norris, Diane Schafstall, Sue Foster, Karen Allman, Carol Branaman, Sandy Brandt, Anita Kraft and Becky Ames and Doug Brackemyre, Paul Kranning, Jerry VonDielingen and Jon Stahl.


Nita Proctor, Sandy Stamps and Rita Sherrill, Sandy Stamps with Kathe and Larry Caplinger, Kathy Haper and Becky Ames and Riley School pictures.


Reunion Band  August 2005, pictures from the November 5, 2005, Carnations and Trendells concert in Scottsburg, Gosnell's and Brackemyre's at Huntington Beach, CA.


Boys Club baseball team of 1958 and a 1957 campout in Waldkoetter's back yard.  The girl's spring 2006 trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  Reunion Band at Columbus Commons Mall on July 8, 2006.  The Stahl's and Wonning's get together in Boulder, Co in September 2007.

Karen Allman, Diane Brunovsky, Joyce Enloe, Sue Foster, Kathy Haper, Joyce Lavenhagen, Diane Schafstall and Linda Stephen vacation together in NYC in 2008.

13 Group photo taken at a Junior High dance in 1960 or 1961.  Honki's trip to Italy.  Emerson Grade School Choir 1956-1957.
14 Emerson Grade School Pictures from Joyce Neiman.
15 Riley Grade School Pictures from Laura Stahl.  The girls take Chicago.
16 Clara D. Carter first grade class group photo Nov. 1952.  Pictures submitted by Becky Lisman Reynolds featuring several girls from the Emerson School neighborhood.
17 Rainbow Girls Pictures 1959 by Becky Lisman Reynolds.  The Girls in Savannah in 2011.  The Girls in Brown County in June 2012.  Seymour Redding Elementary School Basketball Team.
18 Gig In The Garage 2005
19 Gig In The Garage 2006
20 Gig In The Garage 2007
21 Gig In The Garage 2008


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