Seymour High School

Pictures For The Ages Page 15
Class of 1964
Riley Grade School Patrol Boys
The Riley Safety Patrol Force.  Seymour's Northeast Side was never safer!
Jerry Hatton, Jimmy White, Doug Brackemyre, Larry Hatton
Tom Polley, ?, Dannie Sutton, Charlie Staley
Riley Grade School Cheer Leaders
The Riley Cheerleaders
Judy Bennett, Hope Roberts, Dana Owens, Sue Hardy, Sharon Ault, Sheila Nowling
June 2009, the girls spent the weekend in Chicago. Left to right are Sue Foster, Anita Kraft, Diane Shafstall, Linda Stephens, Diane Brunovsky, Joyce Enlooe Karen Alllman, Kathy Haper and Honki Branaman.

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Girls in Chicago
The girls on a Chicago double-decker bus. Karen Allman, Linda Stephens, Diane Brunovsky, Sue Foster, Diane Shafstall, Kathy Haper, Anita Kraft, Joyce Enloe and Honki Branaman.