Seymour High School
Class of 1964

Pictures For The Ages Page 16
Clara D. Carter First Grade Class 1952
I found this picture among boxes of my mother's belongings after her death in 2005.  It was virtually destroyed.  However, in the fall of 2009 my wife and I put it back together and scanned it in high resolution.  I began restoring it and this is the current version after many hours of work at the computer.  The decorations on the blackboard would indicate the picture was taken in November 1952.  Bill Pfaffenberger......  The teacher is Mrs. Elsie (Bruce K.) Combs.  Front row left to right are Peggy Meadors, Karen Kay Miller, ?, ?, Daisey Mae Eckret, ? (Jaynes), Larry Boling?, ? (Boling), Sara Jo McDonald.  Middle row left to right are Jim Boling?, Curtis Ramp, Bill Pfaffenberger, Ronnie Weller, Carolyn Webb, Jimmy Lee Klosterman, Karen Ramp, ?, Francis Bedel.  Back row left to right are Ronald Lee Wagoner, ?, Tom Allman, Therma Jean Trapp, Thomas L. Bishop, Tom Burrell, ?, Shane Barnes and Harold Johnson.  My apologies to Peggy Meadors, Larry Boling and Shane Barnes for the less than perfect facial reconstruction.  I would very much welcome any name additions and/or corrections to the list above.

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The Pictures below were submitted by Becky Lisman Reynolds in 2010
Sue Knoke Foster - Rainbow Girls Event Becky Lisman, Sue Knoke and Karen Grimm
Sue Knoke Foster dressed for Rainbow Girls event. Becky Lisman Reynolds, Sue Knoke Foster and Karen Grim Bobb pose on top of a large rock outcropping during their sixth grade trip to Spring Mill State Park.
Christmas 1955 caroling party at the Girls Club. Becky Lisman Reynolds, Jim Carter and Madge Shenefield Rogers in 1958.
Karen Grim Bobb demonstrating the hula hoop in 1958. Becky Lisman Reynolds, Madge Shenefield Rogers, Karen Grim Bobb and Carol Dollens at Emerson School Playground.
Linda Russell
Becky Lisman Reynolds poses with the "new fangled" hula hoop. Linda Russell on 1958 vacation in the Smokies.
Anita, Karen, etc. Football Team  Roster 1958
Anita, Karen Betty Jean, Dave Sullivan, Larry or Jerry Hatton and many other class of 1964 graduates in their very early days. Who says this web site doesn't provide other classes some publicity?  1958 Football Team Roster.
Nancy Kamman Conner, Becky Lisman Reynolds and Sue Knoke Foster check out Becky's Christmas treasures.