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I, Willis Kilgas, will to Dennis George all of  the troubles I had while I was in the 8th grade.
I, Joan Lewis, will to Marlene Wright a lock of Robin's and Lady's mane.
I, Larry Alexander, will my seat in English to anyone who wants it.
I, Elaine Blizard, will to Linda Rumph all the questions I didn't get to ask in Mr. Wintin's algebra class.
I, Tom Wayman, will to Rodney Pollert my ability to get through the year without flunking algebra.
I, Sharon Ackeret, will to my sister all the fun and enjoyment I have had in Shields Junior High.
I, Rita Jaynes, will my math book and my knowledge of Frank and David Wintin to Jackie McCrary. 
I, Connie Pfaffenberger, will my sister, Carol and Jackie McCrary my low grades and my teachers.
I, Gary Bryant, will my books and locker to Jackie Engelking.
I, Mary Jo McElfresh will my "pixie" and my dimples to Larry Horning.
I, Tammi Trotter, will take everything with me. (prices are going up)
We, Frances Lustig and Geri McKain will to Judy Leslie the mud puddle into which Sue Hardy fell -- accidentally.
I, Sue Hardy, will Steve Leslie the right to try to hit me again with a ball bat. --- You'll have to catch me first.
I, Betty Robinson, will to Rita Leslie my old torn up locker.
I, Henry Rieckers, will my agricultural ability to Curtis Wischmeier.
I, Donna Mae Huff, will my new science book to Sharon Gardner.
I, Tomalene Mikels, will my math book to anyone who will have it.
I, Eugene Rogers, will the best of luck to Diana Tindall.
I, Mike Taylor, will Mr. Barnes a new scalpel for his dissecting kit. (The one Bob and I cut cardboard with.)
I, Kathy Sprunger, will all my art pictures to Diane Knoke.
I, Richard Myers, will to Bob Brown the book I wrote on "How to Overpower 9th Grade Teachers."
I, Ed Hodapp, will my ability to talk in Mr. Barnes class and get caught doing it to some lucky kid.
I, Pat Garvey, am going to willfully will all my willful wills to any willfully willing 8th grader who is willing to accept all my willful wills.
I, Lee Ames, will my F to Rusty Jaeggers.
I, Becky Brackemyre, will all my weird and wild dreams about school to Roger Boas. Watch out for the reruns!
I, Nancy Carpenter, will all of my grades and also Mark Bevers to Diane Knoke.
I, Anita Alexander, w ill to Karen Voss all the run and luck I've had this year and a certain brown-headed freshman boy.
I, Steve Corwin, would like to will all my bad grades to the 8th grade.
I, Larry Hatton, will my bad grades in all my subjects to Danny Sutton.
I, Roland Gregory, will my ability to get along with the 9th grade teachers to the whole eighth grade. I figure they will need it.
I, Peggy Meadors, will this will to Laura Henley for she is willing to will this will next year.
I, Diane Krumme, will all my math grades to Sue McClain.  Good luck Sue.
I, David Klosterman, will my strength an. height to David Lloyd.
I, Stan Osterman, will my height to Tom Carter. P.S. And all my good grades.
I, Donna Parker, will my short hair to Barbara Asbury.
I, Joyce Mullikin, will Linda Russell to anyone who wants her.
I, Bob Miller, will nothing but my locker full of moth balls to John Schoenfelder and Jim Fenton.
I, Hubert Sparks, will to Tom Sinn all my teachers, books and locker 15.
I, Carol Powell, will to Cindy Kamman all my worn-out pencil stubs; without erasers which were willed to me two years ago.
I, Charlie Reinhart, will Mr. Leavitt's worn out paddle to Ray Hallett.
I, Cullen Stahl, will my little black book to Gary Boebinger. Since Mike Schroer willed it to me, I have added a few names.
I, Ron Shepard, will Cheryl Taskey a well-known commercial so she may think for herself.
I, Lotty Delaney, will to Susan Keller my math book and all my troubles I have had in Math class.
I, Jane Eckelman, will my first name Mary to anyone who wants it because I certainly don't.
I, Steve VonDielingen, will my D in algebra to anyone who wants it.
I, Barbara Hisel, will my sister the chewing gum Miss Honn makes me throw away in gym class.
I, Jim Hartsell, will my ability to take care of my older brother to Jon Carter.
I, Mildred Jones, will my arithmetic book to Norma Hall.

Page 2

I, Sandra Sinkes, will my locker next to the office to Cheryl Taskey.
I, Vicki Sage, will my worn-out shoes that have trod these fibers for three years to Patty Engleking.
I, Eddie Lollis, will my flight locker No. B52 to any willing William who will have it.
I, Timothy Michel, will to Donny Welliver all my chewed pencil stubs resulting from worrying over my algebra problems in Latin class.
I, Paul Kranning, will my dirty comb to Darryl Charlton.
I, Sue Knoke, will to Diane Knoke my Balloon Dress so she can have "The Poppin Good Times" we had as freshmen.
I, Carol Franklin, will all my gum wrappers to Shirley York.
I, Connie Wright, leave my messy locker to Rita Leslie and Elaine Susdorf.
I, Mark Bevers, will all my speed to Tom Carter.
I, Johnny Dykes, leave all my books to anyone unfortunate enough to get them.
I, Berkey Weller, will the skates in my gym locker to Lynn Rascoe.
I, Jerry Von Dielingen, will to all the male students who will follow me my little black book which hasn't a name in it, my ability to do homework which I haven't got, my kindness to dumb animals and my all around good nature.
I, Dana Owens, will to Ruth Ann Marley all the fun I had in study hall, plus the learning I should have gotten that period.
It Carol (Honki) Sciarra, will to Mike Disney my height of five feet and to anyone that wants it, my real name.
I, Therma Trap, will to anyone that can find them the erasers I've lost.
I, Barry Johnson, leave my migraine headaches that I got in algebra and Latin classes to all eighth graders.
I, Danny Turner, will my sentence sense to. anyone who can obtain it.
I, David Torpey, will my luck, at dislocating my fingers in Physical Education to any eighth grade boy who doesn't want to dress next year.
I, Shirley Klosterman, will Janice Gallion all my studying in Literature.
I, Larry Wright, will all my seventh and eighth grade girl friends to John Neff.
I, Diane Christopher, will my unexplainable nickname, Pokyhanus, to anyone who wants it.
I, Floyd Stuckwisch, will my ability to wink at the girls to David Lloyd.
I, Sara McDonald, will Mr. Wintin to Cheryl Taskey and Nancy Vance.
I, Joan Stilwell, will my gym suit to my sister Wanda Stilwell.
I, Sandy Osborne, will to Diane Knoke all my mad crushes I had at Shields Jr. High.
I, Joyce Bobb, will my moments of silence to anyone who wants them.
I, Dennis McDonald, will my locker to Janice Johnson.
I, Vera Rigsby, will my (unbelievable) report cards to Jim Bode.
I, Tom Snyder, will my health grades to anyone who will accept them.
I, Brenda Krumme, will my worn out pencils and rarer to Carole Goecker.
I, Larry Kiewitt, will Robert Klosterman my old ragged gym shoes.
I, Ron Waggoner, will Diane Sue Tindell last year's teachers and the best of luck.
I, Mark Bevers, will my can-can slits to Ricky Wiethoff.
I, Barry Burbrink, will my English book to Dennis Overshiner.
I, Larry Eggeman, will Mr. Leavitt to anyone who can afford to feed him.
I, Mike Edwards, will my brains to anyone who wants them (poor kid).
I, Joe Bottorff, will my old ragged, battered Latin book to Tom Carter.
I, Jayne Waldkoetter, will my will to any willing person willing, enough to will his will to any willing person next year.
I, Madge Shenefield, will my torn English book to Candace and Bonnie Smith to fight over.
I, Don Weddle, will all my books, grades and teachers to Bill Haynes.
I, Robert Wieneke, will Darryl Chariton my algebra grades.
I, Joann Witters, will the balancing beam back to Miss Honn.
I, Wanda Beavers, will to Donna Trapp my strained brain.
I, Tom Bishop, will my math teacher, Mr. Wintin, to the eighth grade class.
I, Tom Bast, leave anything I ain't got to anyone who ain't got no good English like me.
I, Susan Allman, will to Crystal Ross and Sheila Caplinger all of the A'S I made in art this year.
I, Don Cooper, will my nine months of going steady while school is going on to the eighth grade class.
I, Ronnie Donnells, will my ninth grade English teacher to the eighth grade.
I, Marlin Foist, will my study hall hours under Mr. Hill to the eighth graders. For Rent, trade, or sale --- One rather old, beat-up locker on the second floor. Call Ja 2-2l17 or contact Pat Garvey.
I, Richard Elkins, will the use of my English desk to stick your bubble gum on to anyone who may get caught.
I, Sheila Gottfried, will Patty Kramer and Cynthia Kamman all the school papers left over from the school year.
I, Judy Hall, will to Diane Knoke my locker and books. (Sorry, no gum)
I, Nancy Herndon, will to Donna Zimmerman the gym clothes I will not be needing next year.
I, Kathe Keach, will any boy in the freshman class, except one, to any girl who will have them.

Page 3

I, Linda Nowling, will my General Math Book to anyone who is crazy enough to take it.
I, John Nolting, will my cousin, Julia Noelker, to Rick Wiethoff.
I, Mike Morgan, will my ancient, torn up English book to David Kaley. It can't look much worse after he gets through with it.
I, Tom Pfaffenberger, will my dirty gym clothes, not including shoes, to Karen Voss.
I, Janet Wienhorst will my wonderful disposition to Carole Goecker.
I, Kathy Zett, will to any seventh grader who wants it my blue and white ink pen, slightly chewed on and out of ink.
I, Larry Baurle, will all the fun I had in the ninth grade to the eighth grade girls and boys.
I, Carolyn Greene, will Barbara Robbins my Boy Scout Uniform. Hope you get an Explorer Scout.
Patsy Ledbetter, will all my old chewing gum wrappers and candy wrappers to Beth Hartington.
I, Robert Oliger, will to anyone in the eighth grade my Literature Book and my desk.
I, Don Myers, will Larry Horning my cousin. (If he wants her).
I, Carlene Rogers, will all my books, desks, stale jokes, chewed gum, (under my desk in room 21) and all my teachers to all of the unfortunate eighth graders.
I, Darlene Holt, will Debbie Black my clean gym suit and my sports ability and Miss Honn.
I, Susan Kespohl, do hereby will the handle of my locker to Marcia Klinge, if she can find it.
I, Freddie Riley, will to Charles Staley my locker and everything in it.
I, Linda Wieneke, will all the chewed gum I threw in the waste paper baskets to Bonnie Mathis. (If he can find it!)
Is Mary Brock, will to Steve Sage the whole ninth grade mess.
I, Judy Baker, will all my Junior High teachers to my sister, Sharon. Baker.
I, Maurice Robinson, will my knowledge of Study Hall to Bill Peden.
I, Carol Dollens, will Joyce Mullikin to anyone who is crazy enough to take her.
I, Sandra Wienhorst, will my General. Math seat to Jeff Corne.
I, Diana Schroer, will nothing because I need all I have.
I, Curtis Gudgel, will my great ability to be stupid in Shop Class to David Nicholson.
I, Joyce Otte, am going to will "nothing" because I have nothing to will.
I, Sharon Ault, will will this will to anyone who will will it again willingly.
I, Gail Stahl, will myself as a locker mate to any eighth grader who thinks she can put up with me, 'cause I'll probably be here again next year.
I, Carole Williams, will my stupid green colored hair that I get in the Summer from swimming to Greta Yost.
I, Dennis Kellermeier, will my daily habit of cleaning my fingernails in ninth grade English class to anyone in the eighth grade who has dirty fingernails.
I, John Egloff, will all the chewing gum I left under the desks and chairs to Shields Junior High School.
I, Bill Polley, will my seat in room 25 to my brother and I hope that he makes better grades than I.
I, Warren Large, will to all the eighth graders my used books and the papers that are in them.
I, Ruth Eversman, will my prompting ability to anyone who is willing to accept it and to anyone who likes to see a performance from backstage.
I, Phil Schroer, will all my Latin vocabularies to everyone that is taking Latin next school term.
We, Sheila Nowling and Fred Waldkoetter, will our standing in front of all the lockers in the main hall to Janos Montgomery and Jeff Storey. Do a good job, Jeff.
I, Daisy Eacret, will Janice Johnson all my troubles in Mr. Wintin's class.
I, Diane Trimpe, will my ability to play my French horn to anyone who will take it.
I, Earlene Mackey, will all my love to Sue Myers to use. I don't need it.
I, John Neff, will all my teachers to Mark King because I know he would like them a lot.
I, Robert Louis Toborg, will all the bubble gum under my seat in literature class to Tom Stanfield, eighth grade.
I, Bill Pfaffenberger, will to Ronald Weller all of my A's and B's.
I, Kenneth McKain, will everybody all the good grades they can make.
I, Nancy Brown, will to Janos Montgomery all my teachers with a little un-happiness because they were all so nice.
I, Charles Pifer, will my dirty locker to Ronnie Baurle.
I, Judy Bennett, do here and now will anything I can to Ruth Ann Marley.
I, Linda Moody, will my name of Lindy Lou to whoever wants it.
I, Sheila Nowling, will to Diane Knoke all the ping pong paddles and hot dogs from the hayride.
I, Susan Thrasher, will my roll call number in gym class to any girl in the eighth grade who wants it. (It's No. 37)
I, Sandra Krumme, will Jackie McCrary my physical education suit for the next two years.

Page 4

I, Doug Brackemyre, will my B in algebra to Tom "straight A" Carter.
I, Jan Brewer, will Mr. Wintin my black bathing suit.
I, Max Bell, will my locker, which has no handle, to Tom Sinn.
I, Richard Abel, will my old torn-up gym shoes to Randy Smith.
I, Sharon Stafford, will my general math book to anyone that is crazy enough, to take it.
I, Vickie Vaden, will my enjoyment of Mr. Wintin's jokes to anyone.
I, John Miller, will, to one Danny Sutton one health teacher.
I, Leota Stuckwisch, will to Darva Vaden my health book and Mr. Houghland to go with it.
I, Judy Smith, will my happiness and sorrows in the ninth grade to Sandy Beck.
I, Fred Waldkoetter, will my water fountain to Jeff and Janos.
I, Joyce Spurgeon, will my autographed Latin desk to anyone who would want to know about the latest romances rather than concentrate on Latin.
I, Adella Bauerle, will all my old-algebra test papers to anyone who wants them.
I, Tom Polley, will Royce Stewart the music stand I used in band class.
I, Robert Engelking, will Tom Carter my lost lock and old gym shorts.
I, Cindy Brandt, will to Stevie Mettert, the swing on my back porch.
I, Mary Edwards, will my English book and English teacher to Sue Bowman.
I, Janet Fitch, will to James Bode all of my worn out books and teachers.
I, Bill Foster, will my wonderful voice to everyone who has gym, to drive them crazy!
I, John Gregory, will all of my ability in pole vault to Butch Horning.
I, Betty Gasaway, will my brain to the Shield's Museum of Mysteries.
I, Bob Hunter, will my ability to pole vault to Danny Sutton.
I, Steve Champ, will Jim Ward my ability to chew gum in Study Hall without getting caught.
I, Sam Snead, will my ability to play golf to Alan Biggs.
I, Linda Jaynes, will my B+'s in gym to anyone who doesn't mind being kept off the high honor roll.
I, Nancy Kamman, will Marie Wieneke all my dear B+'s in English this semester.
I, Benny Carter, will Mr. Hill to anyone who wants him.
I, Ginger Maschino, will to the Day boys my bad luck for not answering questions.
I, Tom Lockman, will Dave Hinton all the A's I didn't get and all the F's I did.
I, Mildred Lawson, will Mr. Wintin to anyone who wants him.
I, Nita Mitchaner, will all of my old citizenship books to Linda Rumph, and hope she does more with them than I did.
I, Kenneth Meyer, will my B+'s that I made in literature to Don Leonard of Immanuel Lutheran School.
I, Gary Kovener, will my muscle's in throwing the shot to Mike Disney. (My best 27-4)
I, Eddie Henthorne, will my locker to any eighth grader that can find it.
I, Dan Gosnell, will all my desks it English, Study Hall, Latin, Band, Algebra and Citizenship to anyone who takes those subjects.
I, Keith Friend, will all my-chewing gum and wrappers to Don Welliver.
I, Rita Mitchaner, will Linda Swengel all of My citizenship tests.
I, Jerry Hatton, will all my skill in pole vault to Danny Sutton. 
I, Karen Grim, will my three-year old gym suit to Diane Knoke.
I, Rita Henderson, will my front seat in Miss Fosbrink's class to Linda Hudson.
I, Michael Ross, will my grades to Wilbur Burrell. Lots of Luck.
I, Anita Peters, will three of my extra inches to Patty Wayman.
I, Charles Phillips, will my desk in art class to Jack Morris and Mr. Hill.
I, Mary Bobb, will to Beverly Murphy my ability to play any piano piece wrong.
I, Clyde Wiseman, will all my good grades to Jack Morris in hopes he will soon pass.
I, Tom Burrell, will to my cousin, Wilbur Burrell, all of my bad grades-in Mr. Boley's Citizenship class.
I, Earl Wonning, will my yo-yo to Mrs. Dannettelle.  Have fun!
I, Linda Elsner, will my locker to Becky Phillips.
I, Stanley Chasteen, will to John Carter all the marks in Citizenship Book put there by Doug Brackemyre.
I, Vicky Kay Noblitt, will to Mr. Wintin my "sleepy writing". Sweet dreams!
I, Judy Barger, will my locker to some strong boy who won't have trouble opening it. 
I, Michael Buse, will my beatup Algebra notebook to Mr. Wintin.
I, Dave Bottorff, will all my bad grades in Algebra class to Jeff Storey.
I, Shirley Leonard, will to Tom Allman part of my brain.
I, Carl Waters, will my torn gym sorts and my "holey" gym shoes to Wilbur Burrell.
I, Stephen Foist, will to any unlucky eighth grade boy all my useful hours of sleep.
I, Hope Roberts, will my faded size 46 gym shorts to anyone who is big enough to year them.
I, Becky Lisman, will Diane.Knoke my seat in Study Hall and all the chewing gum under it.
I, Jon VanScyoc, will nothing to nobody for no reason.
I, Terry Trotter, having good looks, will only my looks to David Nicholson.

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