Seymour High School
Class of 1964
Seymour Owl Masthead
Class Officers for SSHS Class of 1964

Senior Class Officers--Left to Right--Dave
Bottorff, Kathy Sprunger, Fred Wald-

Gary Shannon Kovener
Sharon Ault
Sharon Kay Ault
Joe Bottorff
Joe Fountain Bottorff


    The Class of 1964 is honored by having three of its members serve as valedictorians.  It is the first time in the history of SSHS that there have been three students who have kept a 3.000 average, straight A's. Sharon Ault, Joe Bottorff, and Gary Kovener have made straight A's throughout their high school careers and hays earned the honor of being valedictorian.

      The other honor students who have maintained at least a 2.5 average throughout their high school career are Mary Bobb, Jon Tan Scyoc, Mark Severs, Jo Ann Wells, Doug Brackemyre, Hope Roberts, Dennis Kellermeier, Don Doyle, Elaine Blizard, Linda Moody, Ruth Eversman, Anita Peters, Sue Knoke, Mike Taylor, Brenda Krumme, Joyce Otte, Max Bell, Nancy Kamman, and Martha Satterly.


     Crowned queen of the 1964 Junior-Senior Prom of SSHS on Friday evening was Julie Noelker. Her attendants were Cindy Kamman, Nancy Gill, Jane Ripley, and Nancy Endicott. "Isle of Enchantment" was the theme for the gala event staged in the Student Center The queen and her attendants, chosen by popular vote of boys in the junior class, are all juniors. The queen was crowned on the coronation dias against a bamboo curtain backdrop carrying out the tropical isle theme.

Memories     Memories      Memories

Richard Abel plans to work at a factory.
Rayetta Akers will he a housewife and mother.
Anita Alexander plans to work this summer and go to Ball State next fall to get her
               art license.
Larry Alexander will go to the Cincinnati Milling School.
Connie Allman plans to work this summer and take art or nursing college courses.
Dennis Allman
is going to work as a carpenter's helper until he reaches the age of
              18.  Then he plans to work at Cummins and attend their night school
              as a machinist.
Bob Allman is going to work then go on to school to he a social studies teacher.
Leland Ames will join the hilted States Air Force.
Sharon Ault plans to enter Ball State to be a secondary teacher of social studies
              and English.
Judy Baker is going to work at Cummins in the office.
Ed Banta will work for a housing contractor this summer. Chen this fall he
            will enter Indiana State College and major in psychology.
Judy Barger will start training in Indianapolis at the Approved University of
             Beauty Culture.
Tom Bast will attend Indiana University.
Adella Bauerle plans to get a lob and start working.
Paul Baurley is going to find a job and go to work.
Randy Beach will work at Soars Roebuck and Company.
Max Bell hopes to get a lob this summer; then attend Indiana University this fall.
udy Bennett will enter Sullivan's Business college about June 15.

Graduation   Will   Soon   Be   Here

Mark Bevers will enter Wabash College to study pre-medical.
Tom Bishop is going to Lain Technical School.
Elaine Blizard plans to work this summer and attend Ball State Teacher's College in
               the fall.
Janice Boas will enter secretarial work and if possible study at either Porter or
               Sullivan Business Schools.
Joyce Bobb plans to work this summer. Then she will go to the University of
Mary Ann Bobb
will works this summer and then enter Concordia Teacher's College in
               River Forest, Illinois to
major in elementary education.
Ronald Bode will farm this summer and next fall plans to go into the tool and die
               making field.
Ray Boggs plans to either get a job in a factory or work on their farm. Then get
               a job in a factory this fall.
David Bottorff plans to go to Pall State and major in business administration.
               After graduation from college he hopes to go into banking or
Joe Bottorff will go to Hanover College and major in English and Latin.
Becky Brackemyre plans to work in town for the summer. Then this fall she will
               enter Methodist Hospital School of nursing.
Doug Brackemyre is going to attend Wabash College for four years, majoring in
               pre-dental, then lo his graduate work in dentistry
at I.U.
Jan Brewer will work in an office and later get married.
Nancy Brown plans to go to the extension in Columbus for the first year then
               transfer to Purdue or Ball State. She plans to become a Spanish
Barry Burbrink is going to work at home until next winter then try to get a job
               at Cummins.
Brenda Burton plans to get a job in a restaurant or as a salesclerk. Later
              she plans on getting married.

Senior Track Members--Left to right--Tim
Michel, Bob Hunter, Dennis McDonald,
Tom Pfaffenberger
Senior Members of the Track Team
Senior Members of the Track Team
Senior Track Members--Left to right--Gary
Kovener, John Gregory, John Scales,
Dave Bottorff and Fred Waldkoetter.
Tom Burrell plans to go to an automotive school in Indianapolis or go into the
               army and take training in mechanics.
Mike Buse will go to Indiana Central College and study business.
Daniel Byers will attend either Purdue or Ohio State and major in either math
               or engineering. Then he would like to work for some large
Kathe Keach Caplinger will stay home this summer until the last of July or the
              first of August and then she will be going to New Mexico and join
              her husband.
Nancy Carpenter is going to enter Sullivan's Business College, June 15 and will
              finish in 9 to 10 months and then hopes to get a good job and build
              a good future.
Benny Carter will join the Navy in September and go into school to become a
Steve Champ plans to go into the service, or get a job or go to college.
Stan Chasteen will work this summer and go to either Purdue or DeVry Tech, this
              fall to study electronics.
Diane Christopher is planning to go to Indiana State to be an elementary school
Don Cooper will attend West Virginia Wesleyan, and major in phys. ed. and play
Leroy Darlage will get a job.
Letty Delaney plans to either go to medical assistant school or get a job.
Carol Dollens will enter William Woods College and study elementary education.
Ronnie Donnells
is going to try to find a job in a factory.

As   We   Near   the   Closing   Years

Donald Doyle is going to Rose Polytechnic Institute and majoring in mathematics.
Danny Durham
plans to work on a construction job until he is eighteen and old
               enough to apply for a job.
Donny Durham will work on construction with his father and after that he will
              join the marines.
Johnny Dykes will become an apprentice patternmaker.
Jane Eckelman plans to work during the summer to make money for college next fall.
             She plans to attend Indiana University.
Mike Edwards plans to work during the summer and then in the fall he plans to
             attend Kemper Military Junior College.
Larry Eggeman plans to help his father on the farm this summer. He has no
             immediate plans for college or further education at this time.
John Egloff plans to attend Indiana State College to become a director of music.
Rick Elkins
plans to work during the summer months after which he plans to attend
            Indiana University.

Senior members of the basketball team

Senior Basketball Players--Left to Right--
Mark Bevers, Charlie Phillips, Phil

Senior Baseball Players--Left to Right--
Don Cooper, Phil Schroer, John Egloff
Senior Members of the baseball team

Happy   Memories   of   Days   Gone   By

Linda Elsner plans to go to college.
Ruth Eversman plans to attend Lakeland College to become a social worker.
Warren Fisher plans to be employed at Cummins Engine Company.
Janet Fitch wants to get a job and work for a while; or to go to beauty college.
             She would like to attend the House of James.
Larry Stephen Foist will go to college at Ball State.
Marlin Foist plans to attend Ball State.
David Foster will work during the summer and then go to Vincennes University.
Bill Foster plans to work at Standard Food Store here in town and play the
             guitar this summer and then go to Indiana University this fall.
Randy Frady will go to Vincennes University.
Carol Franklin plans to work before she goes on to a higher education.

Senior Concert Choir Members--First row, left to right--Leota Stuckwisch, Anita Alexander, Linda Russell, Kathy Sprunger, Letty Delaney, Judy Baker. Second row, left to right—Vicki Sage, Sandy Sinkes, Linda Moody, Hope Roberts, Gail Stahl, Tammi Trotter. Third row, left to right--Kathy Zett, Dana Owens, Linda Elsner, Shirley Leonard, Diane Turpin, Anita Peters. Fourth row, left to right--John Gregory, Mark Bevers, Paul Kranning, Stan Osterman, John Egloff, Joyce Spurgeon.
Senior Members of the Band
Senior Band Members--First row, left to right--Jon Van Scoyc, Anita Alexander Susan Thrasher, Joyce Mullikin, Carol Powell, Madge Shenefield, Diane Krumme, Second row--Darlene Holt, Dennis Kellermeier, Earlene Mackey, Nancy Brown, Betty Lewis, Sharon Ault, John Egloff,Third row--Tom Polley, Dave Torpey, Gary Kovenor, Diane Trimpe, Karen Grim, Don Myers, Fourth row--Kenny Meyers, Max Bell, Mark Bevers, John Neff, Joe Bottorff, Mike Edwards, Don Weddle, Mike Morgan.
Keith Friend is going to work at Brown's until he is 18. Then he plans to get
         a job in a factory after which he plans to get married.
Pat Garvey plans to attend Butler University to take a pre-dental course and
        then transfer to the Indiana University dental school.
Carolyn Sue Greene plans to get a job as an office worker.
John Gregory is going to attend Taylor University.
Roland Gregory is going to attend Eastern Kentucky to become a wrestling coach
        and teacher.
Karen Grim plans to attend William Woods College and major in physical education or
        elementary teaching.
Paul Hadley is going to attend Oakland City College.
Judith Ann Hall plans to get an office job.
Becky Hardesty will work all summer and then go to college.
Suzanne Hardy plans to go to Indiana University to study fashion merchandising.
John Harris
plans to get a job at either H.O. Canfields or Cummins.
Jerry Hatton will work at Cummins after graduation for about six months and then
        go into the Navy.

That     We     Share     At     Seymour     High

Larry Hatton would like to get a job in a factory.
Ed Henthorne will join the Air Force.
Nancy Herndon plans to work for a couple of years and then go to the Approved
        Beauty College.
Ed Hodapp would like to go to California and attend the University of California.

Darlene Holt plans to go into nurses training at Marion General Hospital.
Karol Howard plans to go to Indiana University to become a Spanish teacher.
Nancy Howard plans to go to work as a secretary at Cummins.
Bob Hunter will work during the summer and then attend college.
Linda Jaynes will go to Indiana State College to become a secondary school teacher.

Barry C. Johnson plans to go to Purdue University and major in chemical
Betty Johnson is going to get a job and then get married.
Mildred Jones plans to get a job.
Nancy Lee Kamman will enter Indiana University to study to be a speech and hearing
Dennis Kellermeier plans to work for Pepp and Mundt Construction Co. and for his
        brother-in-law. Then he plans to attend the University of Cincinnati and
        major in architecture.
Larry Kiewitt plans to farm this summer.
Willis Kilgas has not made any plans as yet.
David Klosterman plans to go to Purdue University next fall in the school of
        aviation technology.
Sue Knoke is going to work in the hospital lab this summer, and then she plans to
        study medical technology at Indiana University.

Senior Concert Choir Members
Robert Knoll hopes, to get a job at Rose Acres Farm.
Gary Kovener plans to attend Indiana University and major in physics with an eye
       towards a position in a research lab.
Paul Kranning will either go to college or the armed forces.
Brenda Krumme plans to enter Ball State Teachers, College and major in physical
      education. After school Brenda would like to teach in a foreign country or
      join the Peace Corps.
Diane Krumme plans to attend a business college. Sandra Kruse plane to do office
Warren Large plans to work at Roes Acres.
Mildred Lawson plans to go to nursing school in August.
Patsy Ledbetter plans to get a job in an office.
Betty Lewis plans to attend Sullivan Business College.
Myra Luedeman plans to be a housewife and mother.
Fran Lustig plans to attend college or a business school.
Dollie McCammon plans to get a job somewhere in Seymour.
Dennis McDonald plans to attend Purdue University and study engineering.
Sara Jo McDonald plans to attend college right after graduation.
Gerry McLain plans to attend collage.
Earlene Mackey plans to work this summer to enable her to attend college in the
Senior Football Players
Senior Football Players--First row, left to right--Dave Bottorff, Jon Van Scyoc, Fred Waldkoetter.  Second row, left to right--Bob Hunter, Jerry Von Dielingen, Mark Bevers.
Senior Foot Ball Players--First row, left to right--Roland Gregory, Don Cooper, John Nolting. Second row, left to right--John Gregory, Stan Chasteen, Pat Garvey.
Senior Football Players

After   Game   Dances   Were   So   Much   Fun

Michael Mahoney plans to enroll at Purdue University next year to take a course
      in industrial engineering technology.
Ginger Machino plans to try to find an office job in Seymour or Columbus.
Carolyn Maxie plans to get a job in Seymour. |
Kenneth Meyer plans to go to college and study electrical engineering.
Tim Michel plans to go to college.
Robert Miller plans to join the Air Force in June.
Nita Mitchaner will get an office job.
Rita Mitchaner plans on getting an office job.
Linda Moody plans to enter college in the tall.
Mike Morgan is going to college.
Joyce Mullikin will go to Sullivan Business College to take an IBM secretarial
Don Myers, is going to work this summer, and then he plane to enter Wentworth
      Military Academy this fall.
Richard Myers will work this summer on refrigerator service, then he will go to
      York, Pennsylvania, to refrigerator school.
John Neff is going to get a full time job during the mummer. Then be will either
      go to Kentucky Eastern or Western.
John Nolting plans to attend Waldorf College.
Linda Nowling is planning to go to a beauticians college, and then get married. Sheila Nowling plans to get married July 5 and everyone is invited.
Robert Oliger will continue studying mechanics and try to get a Job at Cummins
      or at some garage.
Joyce Otte plans to go to Purdue University to he an occupational therapist.
Carol Powell is going to Ball State Teachers College to become a secondary teacher. Sandy Osborne intends to gat married June 26 of this year.
Stanley Osterman will join the Navy to take electronics course.
Larry O'Sullivan plans to join the Navy.
Dana Owens is planning to work at the pool during the summer and enter Indiana
     University in September to major in elementary education.

Senior Who's Who
Who's Who in Senior Class 1
Class Cut-up - Kathy Sprunger and Bob Allman
Who's Who in the senior class 2
Best Smile - Joyce Otte and Stan Osterman
Who's Who in the senior class 3
Most Athletic - Darlene Holt and Don Cooper
Who's who in the senior class
Best Dancers - Anita Alexander and Tom Bast
Who's who in the senior class 5
Best Dressers - Nancy Kamman and Fred Waldkoetter
Who's who in the senior class 6
Mr. and Miss Owl - Karen Grim and Phil Schroer
Friendliest - Sharon Ault and Paul Kranning
Most Courteous - Sharon Ault and Dave Bottorff
Best Personality - Sharon Ault and Phil Schroer
Who's who in the senior class

Football Games We Lost and Won


Donna Parker wants to go to beauty college, but is not sure yet.

Bob Peden plans to go to technical school.

Anita Peters is going to Indiana State College to learn to be an elementary teacher.

Bill Pfaffenberger plans to attend Purdue University to study electronics. During the summer he plans to work for his father building houses.

Tom Pfaffenberger plane to take a two year course at Purdue Extension in Indianapolis then finish in the Navy.

Charley Phillips will get a job in Columbus during the summer, and then go to either Indiana State or Southern Illinois this fall.

Wanda Phipps will work for a year and then get married.

Tom Polley will work this summer and then enter Butler University this fall.

Bill Polly plans to find a good job so that he can go to college in a few years,

but till then he plans to go to Purdue's undergraduate school at Columbus.

Henry Rieckers will  work on the school farm this summer and then will go to the short

winter agricultural course in January and February, 1965, at Purdue.

Vera Ann Rigsby plans to become a registered nurse and enter the Peace Corps for two

years or more. She plans to go to Marion County General Hospital School of Nursing.

Fred Riley will go to the Navy and make a career of it if he likes it.

Hope Roberts will work this summer and attend Ball State Teacher's College.

Betty Robinson plans to work after school's out and then get married.

Maurice Robison will work at Kinco's.

Carlene Rogers plans to either go to beauty college or join the Peace Corps.

Mike Ross plans to go to the Navy.

Linda Russell will go to Sullivan Business College starting June 15.

Senior Owl Newspaper Staff
Senior Wrestling Team Members

Senior Wrestling Members--Front row, left to right—Roland Gregory, Don Cooper. Second row. left to right--Pat Garvey, Stan Chasteen.

Senior Members of the Owl Staff--Seated --

Phil Schroer, Sheila Nowling, Linda Jaynes. Standing—Joyce Mullikan, Don Myers. Carol Dollens, Sandy Osborne.

Bailey's Drive-in Was Do or Die


Vicki Sage plans to go into nurse's training.

John Scales plans to attend college.

Donald Schenkel is going to Purdue to major in electronics.

Karen Schrader will do office work.

Diana Schroer plans to go to Protestant Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing.

Phil Schroer plans to go to either Florida State or Evansville College to study physical education.

Carol Sciarra plans to work this summer and go to Ball State to become an elementary teacher.

William E. Shadday will work at Cummins.

Madge Shenefield plans to go to beauty school.

Ron Shepard will work and go to college maybe or go to the armed forces.

Senior Members of the Patriot Staff -- Seated -- Kathy Sprunger, Sharon Ault, Joyce Otte, Nancy Kamman, Karen Grim. Standing -- Paul Kranning, Mark Bevers, Max Bell, Linda Jaynes, Sue Knoke, Hope Roberts, Brenda Krumme Karen Schrader, Anita Peters.

Senior Office Workers
Senior Members of the Patriot Staff

Senior Office Workers—Left side, front to back -- Nancy Carpenter, Joyce Otte, Diane Christopher. Right side, front to beck -- Letty Delaney, Diane Trimpe, Anita Peters, Linda Jaynes.

Floyd Stuckwisch will work this summer and go to River Forest College.

Leota Stuckwisch find an office job.

David Sullivan plans to get a job at Cummins.

Alfred Symons will join the Navy.

Mike Taylor plans to attend Indiana University and major in physic's or math

for the first four years and major in astronomy for his graduate work.

Susan G. Thrasher plans to go to Ball State and major in elementary education.

Bob Toborg plans to keep on working at Thompson's Dairy.

David Torpey will attend Indiana University to become a high school teacher.

Therma Trapp plans to get a. job in Seymour.

Diane Trimpe plans to be a teacher after attending Indiana State College.

Tammi Trotter will work in an office then later go to a beauty school.

Terry Trotter plans either to go to Cummins or go into the Marines.

Danny Lee Turner plans to be married and work in a factory.

Diane Turpin is going to get a job at Don Morris Ford working in the office.

Jon VanScyoc is going to Wabash College probably to study pre-medicine.

Jerrel W. Von Dielingen will work this summer and go to Indiana State next fall.

Steve Von Dielingen plans to work this summer and attend Indiana State next fall.

Fred Waldkoetter will work during the summer and then go to Indiana or Purdue


Charles W. Waskom plans towork for Mr. David Rust.

T h e y   A r e  A l l  P a r t  o f  S e y m o u r  H i g h

Tom Wayman will attend Indiana Central.

David Weasner will work at Cummins or on a farm.     

Donald L. Weddle plans to join the Air Force.

Jo Ann Wells plans to get a job as a secretary.

Robert Wieneke plans to work this summer as a camp counciler then to go to University of Louisville.

Janet Wienhorst plans to become an airline hostess.

Sandra Wienhorst plans to become a practical nurse.

Carole Sue Williams is going to Sullivan Business College.

Clyde Wiseman plans to go into the service, preferably the Navy and hopes to make a career of it.

Maria JoAnn Witters is planning to marry Larry Edward Rush, June 6 of this year.

Earl Wonning will work at Baldwin's Drug Store until fall. Then he will study pre-law

at Butler University and hopes to attend Indiana University Law School.

Barbara Woodard planes to attend Patricia Stevens Modeling School.

Connie Wright will go to Sullivans Business College to become a private secretary.

Larry Wright will work at Starve Hollow Beach and then enter Vincennes University; this fall.

Nancy Jo Wyatt will get a job in Indianapolis as a P.B.X. Operator and then go to business school.

Kathie Zett plans to work in an office in Cleveland, Ohio, and later go to a business school.



Sharon Ault and John Nolting

The After-Prom had the theme of the Mardi-Gras with huge masks and a huge clock hung about the walls. The dancing area was enclosed with a fence and iron arches with stars hanging from the ceiling.

Sharon Ault and John Nolting were crowned queen and king of the Mardi-Gras and led a procession through the outer hall.

Ham sandwiches, hamburgers, potato chips, and soft drinks were served.

Money, a radio, and a portable television set were given to the juniors and seniors whose names were drawn.




"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was the theme of the Senior Dinner held in the cafeteria at 6:30 P.M. Tuesday evening.

All of the seniors were invited. Mr. Burton gave an interesting speech called "Silhouettes" and Bob Peden and Ron Shepard performed a skit.

At the conclusion the senior choir members sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". A delicious meal was enjoyed by all.




The Class of 1964 was taken on a "Showboat" ride which lasted for two days and a night for its tenth annual reunion on May 26.

The seniors reminisced with Bob Allman as he read their class eulogy, with Nancy Kamman and Dave Torpey as they read the class wills, and with Connie Allman, Linda Jaynes, and Brenda Krumme as they read the class prophecies. Entertainment was provided by the boat's Dixieland Band and the Swanee River Gals, a tap dance quartet consisting of Dana Owens, Nancy Kaman, Karen Grim, and Sue Knoke. A medley of "Showboat" songs was sung by the entire group and Joe Bottorff favored the seniors with two organ numbers. John Gregory, Mark Revers, and Tim Michel, deck hands of the showboat, also favored the group with some songs.

After the skit part of the program, Fred Waldkoetter, senior class president, presented the key to Doug Eglen, junior class president. Fred also presented the school with a wheel chair and the promise that the auditorium would be carpeted, the gift of the senior class to the school.  The top 22 seniors were also given gifts

and scholarship honors were bestowed on the valedictorians.




Commencement will begin with the 213 graduating seniors drilling in to "Pomp and Circumstance" by Elgar.

After this the audience will stand for the "Star Spangled Banner" and remain standing for the Invocation by Fred Waldkoetter, president of the senior class. Following this Sharon Ault and Gary Kovener will give their student addresses.

The choir will then sing, "Sing Out O Youth" by Davenport and "Battle Hymn of the Republic" by Wilhousky.

Joe Bottorff will then give his student address after which Mr. Robert T. Burton principal of Seymour Senior High School will present the Class of 1964. Mr. Robert B. Bulleit will accept the Class of 1964.

The presentation of diplomas will be dome by Mr. Granger E. Smith, and Mr. Everett Donica, members of the Board of School Trustees.

After this the students will change their tassels from the left side to the right side.

The students will then drill out to "Diemeistersinger" by Wagner.

Senior Dean's Office Workers
Dean's Office workers - Left to right - Vicki Sage, Brenda Krumme and Linda Moody.



The annual baccalaureate service was held in the auditorium on May 24th. The seniors were attired in the traditional caps and gowns.

An organ prelude opened the service and the processional, "March of the War Priest" was played by Russell Otte, organist, as the graduating seniors entered the auditorium. Following the invocation by the Rev. G. C. Porter, the Concert Choir including the seniors sang two anthems: "Gloria" and "Anthem For Spring".

The anthems were followed by the scripture reading and prayer given by the Rev. Delmar G. Morris.

Following the baccalaureate sermon, "Ivory Towers", by the Rev. A. R. P. Whitton, a solo, "You'll Never Walk Alone" was sung by Tim Michel, a member of the graduating class. Benediction was pronounced by Rev. Richard G. Gates and the seniors filed out of the auditorium as the organist played "Ails-Verdi" for the recessional.

Senior Library Workers

Senior Library Workers--Left to right-- Barb Woodard, Sue Knoke, Earlene Mackey.

Senior Tennis Players

Senior Tennis Players--Left to right--Doug Brackemyre, Don Myers, Mike Morgan.

Senior Auditorium Workers

Senior Auditorium Workers—Left to right--Gary Kovener and Earl Worming.

Senior Student Council Members

Senior Student Council Members--Nancy Carpenter, Anita Peters, Sue Knoke, Earl Wonning.

Senior Owl Newspaper Staff Members

Senior Owl Staff Members--Left to right-- Diane Turpin, Barb Woodard, Bob Hunter.

Senior Cheerleaders

Senior Cheerleaders--Left to right--.Sheila Nowling, Dana Owens, Vicki Sage.

Many thanks to Paul Kranning for preserving this piece of Class of 1964 history.

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