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Pictures For The Ages Page 11


Seymour Boys Club Baseball Team 1958

A Boys Club Baseball Team 1958

Top row L To R; John Roeder, Bill Gottfried (63), Jerry Waskom (64), Steve Kieser (62), Jim Roeder (62), Dave Kieser (62), Virgil Stahl.  Middle Row L To R ; Bill Foster (64), Dale Siefker (63), Leland Otte (62), Max Bobb (65), Jim Rebber (63), Dennis Darlage (65).  Bottom Row L To R ; Rodney Willman (65), J. Cullen Stahl (64)
Two of these ball players had sisters in the class of 64-Guess who!? All are still alive and well except the coaches.

Class of 1964 Girls at Opry Land Hotel in Nashville

The girls spent a fun weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. The picture was taken at The Opryland Hotel. L-R Sue Foster, Kathy Haper. Joyce Enloe, Karen Bobb, Carol Branaman, Diane Schafstall, Anita Kraft, & Karen Allman.
Boys Campout in Waldkoetters' Back Yard 1957
A 1957 Campout in Waldkoetter's back yard.  Left to right are J. Cullen Stahl, Stan Osterman, John Nolting and Fred Waldkoetter. 
Reunion Band At Columbus Commons Mall 2006

The Reunion Band sits in for a few numbers at Jason Stahl's wedding reception at Columbus Commons Mall on July 8, 2006.

The Reunion Band At Columbus Commons Mall

Cousin Roger band members help set up their equipment so the old guys could play some tunes.
Jon Laura Judy and Earl in Boulder Colorado

Jon and Laura Stahl visit with Earl and Judy Wonning in Boulder Colorado in September 2007.