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NY Street Singing Cowboy
New York Invasion
Fashionable Head Gear

N.Y.C. and Indian Head Canoes will never be the same after the invasion of the "Paddlin' Grannies" from the Class of '64, aka Karen Allman, Diane Brunovsky, Joyce Enloe, Sue Foster, Kathy Haper, Joyce Lavenhagen, Diane Schafstall and Linda Stephen.  Seven of us flew to Newton, NJ, where we enjoyed the hospitality of Diane B.  Each night was like a slumber party from the past, although we did a lot more sleeping than when we were younger!  During the days, we let no grass grow under our feet!  Amid the cries of "We really don't have to walk so fast!", "I'm hungry!", and "My feet sure are tired!", we explored the streets of New York City. I swear the Naked Cowboy and Matt Lauer  were in awe of our group!  Next on our adventure, we traveled to Indian Head Canoes where we experienced a lot of firsts, including a water gun fight while rafting down the Delaware River. If continuous laughing counts as exercise, I'm sure we'll all have "abs of steel" as a souvenir from our long weekend.  It was just one example of the memories, fun, and laughter members of the Class of '64 often share, reinforcing the idea that "Friends are like stars. . .You may not see them all the time, but you always know they are there."

 Linda Jaynes Stephen


Let me just add- these girls are a hoot!  I had a Zillion belly laughs.  Pinch me- I think I  still must be dreaming. 

Diane Christopher Brunovsky

Girls Arrive at their destination
Girls Trip to NYC
Matt Lauer Never Had It So Good
And They All Survived A Rafting Experience

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