George and Catharine Pfaffenberger

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Sixteen years after the arrival of Andrew, Catharine and their family from Germany, another Pfaffenberger family arrived in the United States.  George Pfaffenberger, 33, and his 22 year old wife, Catharine Anna, made the Bremen to Baltimore trip on a ship named "Favorite," arriving on September 21, 1853.5

While uncertain, the writer believes that this "George" was Andrew's nephew.  George was a year older than John Pfaffenberger, and they were very likely childhood friends in Bavaria. 

George and Catharine had settled in Old Rockford, near John, by May of 1854.  On May 23 of their first year in the U.S., George purchased the following Old Rockford lots:  54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 73 and 74.39

In 1858, a son ,John George, was born to George and Catharine.  In the 1860 U.S. Census, George reported his occupation a laborer.  During the Civil War period, two more children were born to this family.  Barbara arrived in 1861 and Margaret in 1863.  Their fourth child, Frank, was born in 1869.  Although George reported himself as a laborer in 1860, he considered himself a farmer in 1870.46

Like Conrad Pfaffenberger, Louisa Pfaffenberger and Fredrick Bush, George died in the 1870's.

On June 11, 1877, Catharine apparently inherited 75 acres in Washington Township from Andrew Cox.   The property was more particularly described as the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of section 16 and part of the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section 9, all in township 5 north and range 5 east.135  Since Catharine and George were married in Germany, this property transaction, would indicate that Catharine as well as George had relatives in Jackson County before they arrived.  Furthermore, this strongly suggests that there were others in Jackson County from the same location in Bavaria as the Pfaffenberger family.

On December 26, 1879, Catharine purchased 0.69 acres from the Redding Township Trustee.   This lot was located on Enis Road at the Indian Treaty Boundary (approximately 1/4 mile west of the Enis Road I65 overpass).  This was likely the residence of Catharine and her family on June 4, 1880, when the U.S. Census taker visited this family.  The findings were interesting.   Barbara, Margaret and Frank were still at home and a 21 year old neighbor, Nicholas Deppert, was also living with the family.  Catharine was ill with fever and chills at the time of the visit.135

The official record for this family was quiet throughout the 1880's.  However, on November 15, 1891, Frank married Lillie L. Helton Miller.88  Lillie had been married before (likely a widow) and had two children, Robert and Neva Miller.  Frank and Lillie had one daughter, M. M., who married Frank R. Covert in 1923, and lived in Seymour.90  His stepdaughter, Neva married a Knott and also lived in Seymour and his stepson Robert lived in Washington, Indiana.  Frank died on July 3, 1949, and was buried in Riverview Cemetery.

On September 8, 1892, Barbara married Nicholas W. Deppert.88  They had one son Ennis, who also lived in Seymour.

The fate of John and Margaret is unknown.  They are never mentioned in the official record  after the 1870 U.S. Census listing.  Likewise Catharine does not seem to appear after the 1880 Census.

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George & Catherine Pfaffenberger Family Tree

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