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George W. Pfaffenberger (I) Historic Family Photos

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Frederick Tonney

Catharine A. Pfaffenberger

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Catharine A. & Mary Pfaffenberger & Mina Tonney

Edward W. Pfaffenberger

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Alice Borcherding, daughter of Caroline Tonney

Sophia, wife of Edward W. Pfaffenberger

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July 1903 - Close up of George W. Pfaffenberger's children present at the family reunion.  Front row left to right are Louis C. Pfaffenberger, George W. Pfaffenberger and John G. Pfaffenberger.  Back row left to right are Mary Pfaffenberger White, Mina Tonney Peterman, George W. Pfaffenberger II, and Edward W. Pfaffenberger.

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George W. Pfaffenberger (II) Family - Seated are George W. Pfaffenberger and Dena Kasting Pfaffenberger.  Standing (left to right) are Cornealous (Neal) Pfaffenberger, George W. (Bill) Pfaffenberger (III), Mable Pfaffenberger, Dora Pfaffenberger and Albert F. (Dick) Pfaffenberger.

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Children of Louis and Matilda Pfaffenberger - Standing in the back row are Carrie (born 1880), Selma (born 1878) and George (1882).  In the front row are Luella (born 1884), Oscar (born 1888) and Walter (born 1886).  

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