Hans Pfaffenberger

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Tool     and    mechanical engineering    GmbH
Hofbrunnstrasse 108      D-81477 Munich
Tel.: +49 89 794349     fax +49 89 7917313
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Until our web site is finished, the following information is a small overview of our activities.

Our manufacturing capacities cover among other things:

Our most important machine mechanisms:

manually, make: Reiden, weiler
to max. Diameter 535 mm, max. 1000 mm long

CNC, make: Reiden T 200 CNC
to max. Diameter 535 mm, max. 1000 mm long
(transfer of DXF and IGS files on our ACM SYSTEM
of CAD possible)

manually, make: Deckel FP
upto max. 500 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm verfahrweg
also with dividing head, top plate, impact apparatus u.v.m.

CNC, make: Deckel FP numerical control dialog 4
upto max. 1200 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm verfahrweg
also with numerical control - dividing head (4.Achse)
(transfer of DXF -, VDAFS and IGES files on our ACM SYSTEM
of CAD possible)

Outside, make: Fortuna, also with dimensional control
max. Workpiece diameter 260 mm, max. 500 mm long
max. Sharpening diameter 100 mm

Inside, make: Fortuna
max. Workpiece diameter 260 mm, max. 200 mm long
min. Sharpening diameter 0.8 mm, max. 100 mm deeply

Make: Cover LKB/S
up to max. 400 mm x 250 mm verfahrweg
Loops: starting from diameter 0.8 mm
to max. Diameter 80 mm, max. 80 mm deeply

Make: Blohm
up to max. 700 mm x 300 mm, height of max. 300 mm

Make: Nassovia/Krupp
up to max. 300 mm x 400 mm verfahrweg

Interior and external hone (Sunnen)
Glass finish (Vibrodyne)
Thread rollings (fats)

Quality assurance: oriented at DIN ISO 9000ff.

Quality manual is present, certifying is desired.

Surface quality: Perthometer M4P with documentation
Hardness test: ERNST Computest
Elevator fairs: Digimar 817 C
Other measuring instruments of considerable manufacturers, like e.g..
Mahr, finecheck, adhesive tape, Compac, Mauser, IFA, Zeiss, etc..

Furthermore, we operate very closely with reliable suppliers to have the products on hand
that you know and need.

Concerning  the following performances:

Raw material, also with factory acceptance test certificate according to DIN 50049/3.1 B
Welded joints
Teeth, also in polished execution
Wire erosion and profile grinding works
Thermal treatment, also with test certificate according to DIN 50123
Qualitative and quantitative material analyses
Galvanic and chemical surface treatment
Oberflaechenueberzuege such as lacquer, plastic etc..

We will gladly and promptly respond to your request for further information.

Email: info@pfaffenberger.com

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