Pafenberg Reunion
July 11, 2010
Norman, Indiana
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16.  Gerald Joe Pafenberg, Son of Guy Pafenberg.  17.  Jeremy Van Houtte, son of Elizabeth. 18.  Dave Miller, close family friend.
19.  Judd O'Brien, Senseney's nephew. 20.  Melissa Pafenberg Chen, daughter of Forrest Pafenberg and Virginia (Ginny) Farris. 21.  Anna Pafenberg, daughter of Troy and Erica Pafenberg, grand
22.  Carolyn Pafenberg Davis, daughter of Guy Pafenberg 23.  Carolyn Davis and Troy Pafenberg.  Troy is the son of Roy E. and Jane (Zel) Pafenberg. 24.  Anna Pafenberg and her mother Erica Pafenberg
25.  The large porch served as a great place to enjoy food and fellowship. 26.  Meta and Gerald Joe Pafenberg  27.  Stephen Jaeger, husband of Stephanie Pafenberg Jaeger.
28.  29.  Left front, Angela Marie Allen, daughter of Susan Pafenberg Allen, granddaughter of Roy E. and Phyllis Gassman Pafenberg. 30.  Lunch at Empress Court Chinese Restaurant in Bedford, IN
31.  The fifth person from the front on the right is Virginia (Ginny) Pafenberg, wife of Forrest. 32.  Carolyn Davis and Senseney Marshall 33.  Family Photo in Joe and Meta's living room.
34.  Roy Pafenberg, Jr., son of Roy E. Pafenberg and Phyllis Gassman. 35.  Hannah Jaeger, daughter of Stephanie Pafenberg Jaeger. 36.  Zoe Jaeger, daughter of Stephanie Pafenberg Jaeger with Abbey Road.
37.   Anna Pafenberg, daughter of Troy and Erica Pafenberg. 38.  Hannah Jaeger 39.  Abbey Road Pafenberg.  Dog of Roy Pafenberg, Jr.
40.  Zoe Jaeger 41.  Zoe and Hannah Jaeger. 42.  Abbey Road.
Joe Pafenberg with Tomato
43.  Newlyweds Benjamin Grimes and Elizabeth (Liz) Allen Grimes.  Liz is the daughter of Susan Pafenberg Allen. 44.  Joe with a prize garden tomato. 45.  Sabina, daughter of Tina Baker poses with Skipper.
Anna Erica Troy Pafenberg
46.   Anna, Erica and Troy Pafenberg. 47.  Tina Baker poses with Skipper. 48.  Nick, son of Tina Baker poses with Skipper.
Susan Pafenberg Allen
49.  Senseney Marshall and  her nephew Judd O'Brien. 50.  Susan Pafenberg Allen teaching her students in China.  Susan is the photographer responsible for 44 of the reunion pictures.