Pfaffenberger Reunion 2009
July 12, 2009
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Seymour, Indiana
Don and Beverly Pfaffenberger 50 Years
Tom Pfaffenberger's Family
Tom and Debi Pfaffenberger, Rome City, Indiana and their children and grandchildren enjoy the good food at this year's reunion.
This year's reunion was held on the 50th anniversary of Don and Beverly Pfaffenberger's wedding.  George and Jo Pfaffenberger surprised them with a "watermelon slice" cake.
Russ and Lois Byrkett, Donna Jean Scott
Janet and Bill and Doris Lee's families
Donna Jean Scott, Lois and Russ Byrkett chat at this year's reunion.
Stew Hall and Kovener Cousins at Reunion
George and Jo Pfaffenberger
The families of Janet and Doris Lee converse during the dinner hour.
Stuart always has something interesting to say.
At 85, George Pfaffenberger is the oldest person attending this year's reunion.  His wife Jo is beside him.
Ada and Beverly Pfaffenberger
Some of the Miller clan.
Marjory Miller, Rick Ratliff, Dena Demaree, Julie Ratliff and Dot Ward chat.  Due to his recent graduation to heaven, Ole Bob Miller was missed at this year's reunion.
Ada Pfaffenberger chats with Beverly Pfaffenberger at the registration podium.
Neal Pfaffenberger Georgie Coons
Bill Davis and Linda Hall
Neal and Jim Pfaffenberger chat with Georgie Coons and her son Will Coons.
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Bill Davis, Sandy Hall and Linda Hall.  Others in the back ground are looking at historical pictures brought in by Ada Pfaffenberger, Georgie Coons and Julie Ratliff.